Trade Rumor: Yankees believed to be interested in Francisco Liriano

At this point it remains doubtful that the Yankees will make a move for a starting pitcher at the trade deadline coming up in two weeks, but if they do one of the pitchers they are believed to be interested in is Twins starter Francisco Liriano, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Liriano struggled early this season and his overall numbers aren’t very pretty as a result. However, the Twins removed him from the rotation briefly and since he’s gone back in he has been lights out. In Liriano’s last nine games he has a 2.83 ERA, a 10.52 K/9, 3.92 BB/9 and has held hitters to a .170/.268/.245 line.

Liriano is a free agent after this season which makes things sort of interesting. Normally the Yankees don’t like to trade for guys who are impending free agents as they try to avoid paying twice. However, in this case it could be a good two month audition for the Bronx and if he passed the audition than they might be on board for shelling out some money for him rather than say $24 million per over six or seven years for a guy like Cole Hamels.

He wouldn’t come cheap though. He’s still a talented young lefty, despite his struggles, which is always in demand. Also, it seems likely that while the Twins may not be able to afford re-signing him, they would at least be able to offer him enough to get a compensation pick.

It still seems unlikely that the Yankees will go after a starting pitcher. He is intriguing though and if nothing else Brian Cashman is keeping his eye on the market to make sure his price tag doesn’t fall into the Yankees range.

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5 Responses to Trade Rumor: Yankees believed to be interested in Francisco Liriano

  1. Steve says:

    Don't do it Cash! Liriano is overrated and won't produce in the Bronx. Haven't you learned anything from Pavano, Irabu and Burnett? Let sleeping dogs lie and have Lirano go elsewhere. We have plenty of pitching depth and you could always fill in DL starters with kids. You have the best record in baseball..that's not luck or accidental.

  2. What does Liriano have to do with Pavano, Irabu, and Burnett? What do Pavano, Irabu, and Burnett have in common? They are three completely different pitchers.

    • Gonzalo says:

      Jaret Wright and Javier Vazquez too.

      The way they pitch they have nothing in common, completely agree, but they weren't magnificent pitchers and there were some intriguing questions around them so I think It's not difficult to get Steve's point.

      Even Pavano and especially Burnett had better careers than Liriano before coming here and they were nothing pitching in pinstripes.

      I think Liriano wouldn't work for us but I could be completely wrong. The only positive I see from trading for him It would be the two month audition, like Rob already said it.

  3. My point is that you can't just lump these guys in together. That's now how it works. That's how you get 50 commenters saying Hiroki Kuroda is the next Javy Vazquez when the two have nothing in common.

    Pavano was a sinkerballer who got hurt too much.
    Irabu was overhyped and had a terrible time adjusting to the US.
    Burnett was a two pitch pitcher who could get by when he was younger and his stuff was better.
    Jaret Wright was a young fireballer whom the Yankees signed 5-7 years too late.
    Javy Vazquez had arm problems both times through the Bronx.

    Different guys are different scenarios. You treat each player differently and context is very important. None of the guys mentioned above have Liriano's slider and none are left handed.

    Is that really the type of analysis you want to read? Well, a few guys failed in the Bronx so get Roy Halladay, King Felix or nobody. That's just lazy.

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Oh and I forgot Michael Pineda haha

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