Trade Rumor: Yankees have asked about Ty Wigginton

In their search for a possible replacement for Alex Rodriguez at third, the Yankees have called the Philadelphia Phillies to inquire about Ty Wigginton, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Heyman added that the Phillies are not completely in sell-mode yet and are concerned about Placido Polanco‘s health so they may not be interested in dealing Wigginton.

Wigginton is hitting .234/.305/.373 in one of his worst seasons this year. His batting average drops, but his overall numbers are better against lefties though, .208/.333/.416 which would make him a solid platoon player with Eric Chavez who hits righties very well.

The Yankees might as well just stick with Jayson Nix though as he hits .275/.302/.451 off lefties which is similar and they don’t have to give up prospects.

Heyman also added that the Yankees don’t view Chase Headley or Aramis Ramirez as fits. That obviously has a lot more to do with their price tags than anything else.

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4 Responses to Trade Rumor: Yankees have asked about Ty Wigginton

  1. Fred says:

    Any chance of us calling up a guy like Corban Joseph or Ronnier Mustelier to see if they can cut it at third?

    I know Joseph is new to the AAA level and might not be ready, but Mustelier is relatively old and raking. Do we have a timetable for Mustelier's return? I haven't been able to find one online. I certainly think that exploring those options might be a good idea before trading assets for someone we might be able to replace internally. Certainly sticking with Pena won't be wonderful as his offense is horrendous

  2. Matt_DC says:

    The Scranton/Empire website lists Mustelier as being on the 7 day DL. I agree with Rob that this season at least Wiggington is not a big enough upgrade over Nix to dump a prospect.

  3. Mustelier is hurt. I don't think it's anything serious, but obviously this means he's unavailable for at least a week or two. As for Corban Joseph, he's certainly an option although I think they will just go with Nunez. The one guy I wouldn't mind seeing them calling up is David Adams, who hits both lefties and righties well. He has no experience at 3rd base though.

    • Fred says:

      Hadn't thought of David Adams, that's a good call. He apparently played 14 games at 3B in 2009, which certainly isn't a lot but its better than having never lined up there at all.

      Like you said, they're probably just waiting for Nunez to get back, but worst case scenario if Arod isn't back by September a couple of these guys will likely get their shot when the rosters expand

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