Trade Rumor: Yankees looking for a defense-first third baseman

The trade deadline is a mere five hours away and the Yankees don’t appear ready to announce any trades. They have been busy though as they have been on the lookout for a defense-first type third baseman, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

With Alex Rodriguez out, the Yankees primary third baseman has become Eric Chavez. He’s being platooned with Jayson Nix and combined they make a decent third baseman. However, a combination of Chavez’s injury history and Nix’s lack of any one tremendous skill probably has them on edge.

If they could find a solid defensive third baseman, especially one that can hit lefties well and platoon with Chavez, they would probably jump at the chance. At the same time, they aren’t going to spend a lot on such a piece so it is unlikely that they will find a good match. Cashman will keep trying right up until the deadline.

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