Trade Rumors: Yankees like Garza but likely to pass on others

There are a few big name starting pitchers on the trade market, but aside from Cole Hamels, whom the Yankees like but find cost prohibitive, the only option they seem to be considering is Matt Garza.

One big name out there is Zack Greinke, but the Yankees have been wary of his personality fitting in the Bronx and according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports that still seems to be the case.

Heyman also confirmed that the $189 million payroll goal by 2014 severely limits their chances of going after Hamels, but notes that the Yankees do like Garza from his days in the AL East. A notion that also backs up the idea that they view Ryan Dempster as an NL-pitcher who might not have an easy transition to the AL.

Not only does Garza have solid AL East experience, but he’s the only one of the four pitchers that isn’t a free agent this offseason. Considering the new CBA blocks teams from being able to receive compensation picks for players they trade for at the deadline this is a big deal.

Still, the Yankees have a solid rotation that will be six-players deep once Andy Pettitte returns. So unless the right deal falls into their lap, which is extremely unlikely, it doesn’t sound like they will make a big play for a starting pitcher over the next two weeks. At this point even Garza seems like a long shot.

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2 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees like Garza but likely to pass on others

  1. Mark Panuthos says:

    I'm not a big Garza fan – I watched him play here in Tampa and he's prone to having AJ Burnett-like implosions, but I am also wary of relyng on Pettitte's imminent return. Garza's implosions may well have been the result of pitching for a team that routinely batted around .250 though and I think the Yankees need a pitcher. He's the best, or one of the best out there, I hope they go for it.

  2. jmpack2152 says:

    With Hamels out of their price range, I think Garza would be the best option out of the three (Garza, Greinke, Dempster). It's been seen year after year that NL pitchers that come to the AL get lit up. As far as Greinke, the Yankees don't need his personality screwing up their chemistry on and off the field. I think Garza did a good enough job establishing himself in the AL East with the Rays. He would be a good pick up to add depth to their starting rotation.

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