Whatever happened to Eduardo Nunez?

The Yankees sent Eduardo Nunez back down to the minors in early May when it became clear to even his biggest defenders that he wasn’t capable of playing Major League caliber defense. But what has happened to him since?

Well he went down to Triple-A and played in four games and hit .231/.231/.231 before injuring his thumb and has been out for almost two months since.

That’s one long thumb injury, but Nunez met with Yankees manager Joe Girardi this week and Joe told George King of the NY Post that He has started taking batting practice and hopes to return to the field in “a couple of weeks or so.”

This has really been a wasted season for Nunez. Sure he hit well in the Bronx, but he was jumping around from position to position and didn’t improve at all defensively. The injury has also cost him from developing down in the minors.

At this point it seems like he’ll be back slightly sooner than August which gives him only a month in the minors. Then he’ll probably be a September call-up in the Bronx, but with other options, he isn’t likely to get regular playing time. Too bad he isn’t healthy because at least the Yankees could trade him since it seems like he’s destined for the minors again next year.

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