Yankees 2012 draft picks signing tracker

Update: All draft picks have to be signed by today, July 13, at 5:00 p.m. EST except for college seniors.

Update: The Yankees have officially locked up 2nd round pick Peter O’Brien to a below slot deal which saved them some money for their 18th round pick, Brady Lail, who signed for $225K.

Ty Hensley and Robert Refsnyder are the only two who haven’t officially signed yet out of the top 10. The Yankees can spend just slightly more than $1.94 million to lock up 1st round pick Ty Hensley without losing a draft pick in next years draft. They can spend up to $546K on 5th round pick Refsnyder.

Refsnyder hasn’t signed yet because he was playing in the College World Series where he was named MVP.

Update: The Yankees have now officially signed eight of their top 11 draft picks with the final three expected to sign anyday now. Their 1st round pick, RHP Ty Hensley, still hasn’t signed, but from reading his Twitter account it sounds like there is almost no chance he doesn’t (he’s asking for updates for Trenton Thunder games!). The pool amount to sign him is $1.6 million, but they can spend up to $1.88 million before being penalized a draft pick in next year’s draft, according to Baseball America.

So far the only players to have signed for over slot are 2B Austin Aune, who will start at second base, not as an outfield as he was initially drafted, and OF Nathan Mikolas. The biggest names who haven’t signed and don’t appear to be willing are RHP Jose Mesa Jr. and OF Vincent Jackson. Mesa and Jackson are two of the better players the Yankees drafted unfortunately, but it sounds like they were never interested in signing at all.

Original post: Here is the list of Yankees draft picks to go with their signing information. All of the top 10 signings that are confirmed so far are college seniors. Bookmark this page to check back for updates.

(List after the jump).

Players names are linked back to their profiles.

1. Ty Hensley, RHP — signed (pool amount: $1.6 million).
2. Austin Aune, OF (89th overall) — signed for $1 million (pool amount: $548,400).
2. Peter O’Brien, C (94th overall) — signed for $460K (pool amount: $507,800).
3. Nathan Mikolas, OF signed for $400K (pool amount: $378,000).
4. Corey Black, RHP — signed for $215K (pool amount: $275,000).
5. Robert Refsnyder, 2B — signed for $205.9K (pool amount: $205,900).
6. Nick Goody, RHP — signed for $140K (pool amount: $154,400).
7. Taylor Garrison, RHP — signed for $10K (pool amount: $141,000).
8. Taylor Dugas, CF — signed for $10K (pool amount: 131,700).
9. Derek Varnadore, RHP — signed for $10K (pool amount: $125,000).
10. Matt Snyder, 1B — signed for $10K (pool amount: $125,000).
11. Caleb Frare, LHP — signed.
12. Chris Breen, C — signed.
13. James Pazos, LHP — signed.
14. Andrew Benak, RHP — signed for $100K.
15. Dayton Dawe, RHP — signed.
16. Stefan Lopez, RHP — signed.
17. Tim Flight, LHP — signed.
18. Brady Lail, RHP  signed for $225K.
19. Dietrich Enns, LHP — signed.
20. Mikey Reynolds, SS
21. Jimmy Reed, LHP – D&F.
22. Bret Marks, RHP
23. Vincent Jackson, CF
24. Jose Mesa Jr., RHP — signed.
25. Ty Moore, OF
26. Charlie Haslup, RHP — signed.
27. Danny Oh, OF — signed.
28. D.J. Stewart, OF
29. Jose Diaz, LHP  signed.
30. Raph Rhymes, OF
31. Kevin Johnson, RHP
32. Garrett Cannizaro, SS
33. Saxon Butler, 1B — signed.
34. Eric Erickson, LHP — signed.
35. Kyle Farmer, SS — will not sign.
36. Dalton Smith, C — signed.
37. Charles Basford, RHP signed.
38. David Thompson, OF
39. Bo Decker, OF
40. Sherman Lacrus, OF

Most signings via Matt Eddy of Baseball America.

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  1. Anthony E says:

    Wow…#8 pick signs for $10k, $124k less than his pool amount? Why? How much do the Yankees think of him to pick him 8th but then do that? I wonder if there will more deals like that. Sounds like it's great for the Yanks but terrible for the kid. I looked up some of these kids to see if they have YouTube videos. Several do. The most impressive to me, by far, was the 38th pick, David Thompson. If that is 38th round talent, I'll eat my shorts. Says he's the "HR King" in Florida. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AChog-TfoBs&li

  2. That was part of the strategy the Yankees employed. They drafted college seniors 7-10 and then signed them all for just $10K each. That saved them a combined $482,700 that they could then spend on the 1-6 picks. Sounds rough, but those guys have no leverage. If they don't sign then they'll have to go get real jobs.

  3. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Thanks a lot for this! I've been trying to figure out what the status was on their draft picks.

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