Yankees don’t consider Nunez as an A-Rod replacement

When it became obvious that Alex Rodriguez would be headed to the DL for up to two months with a broken hand it seemed like Eduardo Nunez would be back in the Bronx shortly.

After all,  Nunez would be the perfect platoon compliment for Eric Chavez at third base. While Chavez has had a good year overall, he is hitting a pathetic .216/.225/.216 against lefties since he joined the Yankees. Meanwhile, Nunez has hit .287/.327/.427 against them over the same time.

However, that’s not what Brian Cashman was thinking. The Yankees GM told George King of the NY Post that they no longer want him playing multiple positions and view him as a shortstop only.

It’s really not the end of the world though because sticking to one position only may be the best way for Nunez to improve defensively. Meanwhile Cashman will scour the market for another third baseman while he uses Jayson Nix as the right handed portion of the platoon (he has hit .275/.302/.451 against lefties so far this year).

If the Yankees can’t swing a trade for a stopgap and decide that they don’t want to stick with Nix then they have two interesting options already on the 40-man roster in Brandon Laird and David Adams.

Laird has been hot lately (.306/.358/.588 in July) and he hits lefties well (.302/.346/.509 overall in 2012). Although he’s not strong defensively and can’t hit righties at all. Adams is a better overall hitter, has been even hotter in July (.410/.471/.526), and hits lefties very well (.353/.395/.544). His major drawbacks are that he hasn’t played above the Double-A level while Laird actually has some MLB experience and Adams has only played at third 15 times in his entire career.

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4 Responses to Yankees don’t consider Nunez as an A-Rod replacement

  1. tom says:

    I think Cashman makes mistake. Nix is not a solution as a starter against southpaw. His strength is off bench hitter against lefties. Nunez should start and offers more than acceptable offense.

    Nunez must be on 25 man roster next year so if Yanks have no plan for Nunez to be a versatile player then it is pointless to have him around anytime. Only hope left on Nunez is to improve the SS defense to make himself attractive to another team for a trade as many teams need SS help.

    Thats all the thoughts have crossed my mind..

    • Why is Nix worse against lefties as a starter compared to coming off the bench?

      Why must Nunez be on the 25 man roster next season. Is there a new rule that I am unaware of?

      • tom says:

        Nix owns .242 avg against starting southpaw. That suggests he has better number as non starter to meet .275 overall against lefties. He owns .215 as a full starter.

        Nunez has been on 40 man roster for 3 years. I am not sure about 4th option because I am not clear about "active professional". Is it for MLB only? Either way, Nunez wont be qualified for 4th option since he was active in the minor for more than 90 days in 2010 and MLB in 2011. Nunez appeared in MLB in all those 3 years.

        Did I miss something?

  2. I'm not so sure Nunez is necessarily out of options next year. He really wasn't in the majors long this season and at this point he probably won't be again until September. These things aren't as straight forward as we would like.

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