Yankees have 4 on Sickels’ top 100 Prospect list

The list is actually 120 long, but the four Yankees land in the top 100, or Top 82 as it were, so I am trying to play that up, but John Sickels of SB Nation just released his midseason top prospects list and four Yankees are on it.

Gary Sanchez comes in as their top prospect at No. 31 overall, the first time he has topped Manny Banuelos that I have seen. Mason Williams comes in at No. 37, Tyler Austin at No. 67, and Banuelos finally makes his appearance at No. 82.

It’s a little surprising that Banuelos is ranked fourth, but perhaps it shouldn’t be. He struggled with his control a bit last year and did briefly again this year. He rebounded for a bit though, but then landed himself on the DL with a strained elbow which is where he is currently sitting right now.

Dellin Betances didn’t make the list, likely because of his extreme control issues this season, but Sickels had him on his considered list. Jose Campos was also on the consideration list and probably didn’t make it as he is also on the DL with a strained elbow.

It’s good to see that even as the Yankees lose elite prospect talent through trades and regression, they are able to replace them with other elite talents. I expect Ty Hensley to begin appearing in prospect lists before too long assuming he signs.

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