Yankees Prospect Rankings: Top players at each position 13

A few notes. I chose one position for each player, thus avoiding one player appearing on more than one list. This is intended to generate discussion, so I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. There are several players not even mentioned here who could arguably be on these lists.

It’s also worth noting that the Yankees are bringing up a crop of players who are getting accustomed to winning. Both the Staten Island Yankees and the Gulf Coast League Yankees won their respective championships last season. Don’t let anyone fool you, this system is loaded with talent.

Pitchers (Ten because there are more of them)

1. Manny Banuelos
2. Jose Campos
3. Jose Ramirez
4. Rafael DePaula
5. Ty Hensley
6. David Phelps
7. Brett Marshall
8. Nik Turley
9. Adam Warren
10. Dellin Betances

Honorable Mention: DJ Mitchell, Matt Tracy, Jordan Cote, Daniel Camarena


1. Gary Sanchez
2. JR Murphy
3. Austin Romine
4. Peter O’Brien
5. Chris Breen

Honorable Mention: Greg Bird (hasn’t played enough to prove anything except that he’s injury prone)

First Basemen

1. Luke Murton
2. Kyle Roller
3. Saxon Butler
4. Addison Maruszak
5. Reymond Nunez

Honorable Mention: Matt Snyder, Bubba Jones

Second Basemen

1. David Adams
2. Corban Joseph
3. Angelo Gumbs
4. Robert Refsnyder
5. Anderson Feliz

Honorable Mention: Kevin Mahoney

Third Basemen

1. Dante Bichette Jr
2. Ronnier Mustelier
3. Miguel Andujar
4. Kevin Mahoney
5. Brandon Laird

Honorable Mention: Fu-Lin Kuo

Short Stops

1. Eduardo Nunez
2. Austin Aune
3. Jose Rosario
4. Claudio Custodio
5. Cito Culver

Honorable Mention: Jose Pirela (although he’s playing second base this year)


1. Mason Williams
2. Tyler Austin
3. Ravel Santana
4. Ramon Flores
5. Slade Heathcott
6. Zoilo Almonte
7. Ben Gamel
8. Abe Almonte
9. Rob Segedin
10. Daniel Lopez

Honorable mention: Jake Cave, Melky Mesa, and Taylor Dugas

13 thoughts on “Yankees Prospect Rankings: Top players at each position

  • YankeeFan

    I don't think Manny Banuelos has played enough this year to keep at the number one spot. The majority of the games he did play were not so good.

  • jimmytoucan

    where the fuck is Nuno?

    sorry… i have a thing for lefties that get the job done, and are close to the system, while some kid that's never pitched pro ball gets his ass in the #5 spot.

    i do like that you have J-Ram and my fave DePaula in there so I cant bitch too much. cheers 🙂

  • Greg Corcoran

    Haha I like your post. The only reason I didn't include Nuno is because scouts say his stuff isn't all that great lives in the upper 80's with the fastball), and more importantly the Yankees have to go year to year with him unless they put him on the 40 man roster. Make or break time for him comes much sooner than the other guys on this list, and I'm not sure he's there yet. I can agree with your argument though. I really like Nuno and I hope the Yankees don't let the same thing happen to him as they did to Quintana (he's the same kind of free agent after this season).

  • Fred

    I highly agree with 90% of this list, but I do think David Phelps is a bit low on the pitcher list. He's been on fire this year for the major league team and dominant in limited time in AAA. There's something to be said for a prospect that is virtually finished in his development and clearly able to help in the big leagues.

    Tbh the only other person that really jumps out to me has the opposite problem. I'm not sure Eduardo Nunez is much of a prospect anymore, not unless he can really pull his defense together finally. I guess he is helped by our SS prospects being comparably weak as well

  • Mark

    Nobody has seized the number one spot, not even Manny. Until he shows it on the field, I do not think he should qualify for that spot. His past couple seasons have not been completely dominating either.

    I'm also unsure why Jose Campos and Jose Ramirez are so high up on the list? They haven't even touched AA ball.

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