Yankees sign 1st round draft pick Ty Hensley

It came down to the wire, but the Yankees have signed their 2012 1st round draft pick, Ty Hensley, according to Kevin Levine-Flandrup and later confirmed by Hensley himself.

The deadline for the Yankees to sign him is 5:00 p.m. EST tomorrow so this came down to the final 18 hours. It was a little surprising that it took this long as in initial interviews Hensley seemed eager to sign and was even asking for scores to one of the Yankees minor league affiliates over Twitter.

The two sides apparently had an agreement on a $1.6 million deal, but when Hensley took his physical abnormalities showed up in his MRI, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America. There was talk that he might go to college instead of signing after that, but as Callis reports, the two sides eventually agreed on a deal worth $1.2 million.

If he is healthy, Hensley is a great new prospect for the Yankees. He has a very big body for a high schooler and can reach up to 97 MPH with his fastball plus an excellent curve. Hensley is also said to have an amazing work ethic. The Yankees were considered fortunate to have drafted him as he was initially expected to go as high as No. 10 overall in the draft, but the Yankees grabbed him at No. 30.

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  1. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    What about the "abnormalities" in his shoulder?

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