CC on DL against his wishes

When the Yankees put CC Sabathia on the DL, Joe Girardi explained that his level of concern was low, but apparently it wasn’t low enough to listen to CC himself who didn’t want to go on the DL for the second time this season.

“I didn’t want to go on the DL, it’s not my decision,’’ Sabathia told George King of the NY Post. “But, I understand. I felt like I stated a good case, but Cash wasn’t having it.’’

CC even went as far as to tell reporters that he wasn’t even going to let the Yankees know about the sore elbow, which was so bad that he couldn’t touch his left shoulder with his left hand. Fortunately for the Yankees, CC’s wife told him that if he didn’t tell them that she would.

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but my wife said she was going to call them herself,’’ said Sabathia. “She made me go in there.’’

The MRI came back clean and he and the Yankees can downplay this all they want, but everyone caught a huge break thanks to Amber Sabathia. Elbow injuries can be serious things that often require Tommy John Surgery and can keep players out for a year or more. A couple of games in August are not nearly as big of a deal as the few he needs to pitch in October and missing him for most of next season would be a disaster as well.

So on behalf of all Yankees fans – I’d like to say thank you to Amber Sabathia. Hopefully a couple of weeks off is all that he needs.

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