Clemens coming out of retirement to pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters

Roger Clemens it out of court and back on the baseball field.

Two months after he was found not guilty to six couts of perjury, making false statements and obstruction of Congress for denying that he took steroids, Clemens is set to join the Sugar Land Skeeters, according to Mark Berman of My Fox Houston.

“He’s in such great shape it’s ridiculous,” Astros bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte, who caught Clemens’ bullpen for the Skeeters, said. “He’s the same guy he was before.

“He is nasty. His split is good. He still has life. He was throwing in the high 80s.”

“He ran three miles, threw a bullpen and threw batting practice,” Bracamonte said. “He had a lot of movement on the ball. To me he is still the same.”

It turns out the move may just be for fun though. Clemens’ agent told Jerry Crasnick of ESPN that they are going to see how it goes on Saturday before deciding if he will pitch for them again.

A return to the majors seems highly unlikely though as Clemens is 50-years-old, even older than the ancient Jamie Moyer. It has also been five years now since he last pitched at that level. Still, it might be kind of cool to watch The Rocket pitch one more time. Hopefully ESPN televises the game nationally.

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