Every time Jeter looks like he’s done…

Derek Jeter got off to an amazing start this season as he hit .404/.439/.605 through the first 26 games of the season. Sure most players are showing signs of aging at 37, but this is Jeter and he’s a Hall of Famer maybe he could keep it up all year.

Things got rough for The Captain at that point though and over his next 51 games he hit anĀ anemicĀ .243/.301/.298. A slump perhaps, but as he celebrated his 38th birthday it is always hard to get that thought out of your head that even Hall of Famers fade eventually. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as that streak represented, but it showed that he probably wasn’t as good as the first one either.

On July 2nd his batting average dropped below .300 for the first time since the third game of the season and a harsh reality began to set it. Then, similar to what he did last season, he turned his year around.

Over the last 36 games, Jeet has been hitting .362/.386/.467. Very solid numbers and unlike his hot streak to start off the season these numbers seem much more realistic. Jeter clearly doesn’t have the same pop he once had, and he’s not as patient at the plate, but a 38-year-old who can consistently hit .300? I’ll take it.

Now if he could just turn around the pathetic defensive season he is having.

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2 Responses to Every time Jeter looks like he’s done…

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Unfortunately, it's unlikely his defense will get any better from here on out. The best we can hope is that he sustains this subpar level of defense. What's alarming is the accuracy of his throws to first has declined dramatically.

    Still, for Jeter fans (which I consider myself one), there really aren't any clear alternatives at SS for the Yanks in the near future so he should be safe until the end of next year, which he's already pretty much earned anyhow.

  2. brian says:

    I've always thought that Jeter was going to get to 4,000 hits.. (pete rose? probly not).. but def 4,000

    health permitting, he'll have 3,300 heading into the final couple days of the season…. and he's going to spend the next two seasons minimum batting atop lineups that will once again score plenty of runs and have plenty of baserunners… obviously not if he's batting .220 but if the wheels come off then it wasn't gonna happen anyway… if the wheels don't come off and he keeps batting .300 albeit with less power.. he's gonna keep batting 1st/2nd

    i totally agree that he won't be able to play shortstop regularly much longer,… but if he gets the hits… the yankees will always find room for him to get the at-bats (especially against lefties)

    baseball can be ruthless, it' still possible jeter won't even get to 3,500 or 2,000 runs scored…. however, sports are usually ruthless at the end to those who don't care or keep themselves in shape… this is not derek jeter

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