Granderson is Yankees new leadoff guy against righties

Over the past couple of days Yankees fans have seen a lineup that featured Curtis Granderson and not Derek Jeter batting leadoff and it appears that, at least against righties, this is something that we should expect until further notice.

“You look at him against righthanders, and his on-base percentage is one of the highest on our club,” Joe Girardi told Erik Boland of Newsday. “When we face lefthanders, you might see it a little bit different.”

Granderson has indeed been very solid against righties this season, hitting .248/.344/.507 against them. Jeter struggles in comparrison, hitting .293/.342/.371 against righties.

Having Granderson bat first also splits up the righties as it’s usually one of their right handed hitting catchers batting ninth. So instead of it going Russell Martin-Jeter-Granderson (R-R-L) they are now split up.

“The key is you have some switch hitters and some righthanders in between guys,”¬†Girardi¬†said. “You don’t want to set it up for the other club just to bring in lefties to face you all the time. When you lose a guy like Alex, it makes it a little bit trickier to move your lineup around.”

It’s a minor change, but Joe Girardi typically reevaluates the lineup around this time each year. Last season he switched Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira‘s spot in the order. It typically isn’t anything huge, but it is good to see the manager constantly reevaluating his decisions and looking to get whatever advantage he can get.

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2 Responses to Granderson is Yankees new leadoff guy against righties

  1. PRad says:

    I don't care how high his OBP is against righties… he strikes out 175 times a season… He is NOT a lead off hitter!! He's a Power/RBI guy… In the Yankee lineup he should bat around 5th…

    • Gonzalo says:

      I ompletely agree with you, but there is a big problem, we don't have another high OBP fast player, right now it's only Jeter and Granderson.
      Once Gardner comes back we can move Granderson but not this year.

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