Qualifying offers need to be in the $13.3-$13.4 million range

This is not Yankee news exactly, but it will pertain to them in the offseason.

Qualifying offers to free agents, the ones teams need to make now in order to obtain a compensation pick for top free agents that leave, will need to be at least $13.3-$13.4 million instead of the $12-$12.5 million range that was expected, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

It might not sound like a big increase, but to me it is. Teams will have to be real careful when it comes to making players offers like these because $13.4 million is an awful lot to pay a player whom you don’t even want to keep.

This will be especially hard when it comes to the small market teams. The Yankees won’t have much of an issue paying Nick Swisher $13.4 million on a one year deal, but could you imagine the Rays spending that on pretty much anybody?

In fact, looking at the list of potential free agents this offseason and it doesn’t appear that there will be many free agents that net teams compensation picks at all. Mike Napoli could be one. Melky Cabrera potentially another. Possibly B.J. Upton too. Zack Greinke. Certainly no relievers.

Luckily, the Yankees probably have one in Swisher this offseason. Don’t expect many more after that.

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2 Responses to Qualifying offers need to be in the $13.3-$13.4 million range

  1. Matt_DC says:

    You are right this is significant. That million dollar difference is huge to the Rays, Athletics, and others who look to shave a million here a million there. It will be interesting to see what the Rays do with Upton.

  2. John says:

    the yankees should take a look at him .. he shouldnt cost them a whole lot. plus it solves their issues going forward and letting nick swisher go. it gives them a gold glove type outfielder to patrol centerfield and they can move granderson to right or even trade him to get younger if they want. i believe that with better players around him and many veterans upton can be that player from the playoffs a few seasons ago. so say 280 25 hrs and 90-100 rbis?

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