Rumor: Dodgers called the Yankees about Teixeira and Sabathia first

After the dust settled on the Dodgers and Red Sox nine-player trade that sent $260 million worth of salary to Los Angeles it was easy to wonder what if the Yankees had been in a position to move a large contract like that – specifically Alex Rodriguez‘s contract.

Apparently the Dodgers and the Yankees did have conversations about trading mega-deals before the eventual trade with the Red Sox went down. They weren’t interested in A-Rod, but the Dodgers did call to ask about the availability of CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

The Yankees were quick to turn them away from those two, but they probably at least would have given it some thought if it meant that they could get out from under the five years and $114 million that A-Rod is still owed (with a possible $24 million in historic bonuses tacked on). Unfortunately with Hanley Ramirez and Dee Gordon on the left side of their infield, the Dodgers were not interested in A-Rod even if they eventually took on the free off of Tommy John Surgery version of Carl Crawford and the $102.5 million he is still owed.

Even if the Yankees and Dodgers found a way to make a deal that would have made both sides happy it seems very unlikely that Sabathia, Teixeira, and A-Rod would have all waived their no-trade clauses. In Boston they got Crawford and Josh Beckett to waive their NTC’s, but that was a different situation because of the dysfunction surrounding that team. In the Bronx, all three players seem very happy and content. Specifically Teixeira who came out afterward and said that Boston’s refusal to include a full NTC in his was at least part of the reason he didn’t want to sign there.

So it’s fun to fantasize about what could have happened, especially if the Marlins and Dodgers had not worked out a deal for Hanley, but that’s all it is – fantasy. It seems very unlikely that this deal would have ever happened.

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