Rumor: Roger Clemens will pitch for the Astros on Sept. 12

The Rocket, Roger Clemens will make his second start for the Sugar Land Skeeters on September 7th with scouts from the Houston Astros on hand to watch and there is a growing belief that if everything goes right that he will make his next start for the Astros on September 12th, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.

Goodness gracious. Of all the dramatic things…

Neither Clemens or the Astros would ever admit this, but it seems like a clear attempt to push his inclusion on the Hall of Fame ballot back another five years by playing in the majors again.

I like it, he’s still going to have to be voted in, in five years, but this way he might actually have a chance. As it stands right now there are too many hacks voting who feel burned by the steroid era for their own laziness to investigate an obvious story line. I’m not naive, he probably did at least dabble in PED’s, but a lot of players were using back then and there was no testing. In my estimation there are already at least three steroid users in The Hall and if we aren’t punishing them then nobody who played before testing should be punished.

Get ready to read lots of stories about what a mockery this is, but I don’t buy into it. This is sports, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Besides, it’s nothing that Bill Veech wouldn’t have done.

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