Yankee Stadium will be among the first to test MLB’s new replay system

Major League Baseball is set to test two different replay systems starting next week and Yankee Stadium is among the first two stadiums that will give it a try, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

The system will only be tested out and will not actually be in use. MLB just wants to see how accurate the systems are before implementing them. But if everything goes well one of these systems could be put into play league wide next year.

The current replay system MLB has only reviews home run calls and fair or foul calls. One of the new systems they are trying out is radar based and the other is camera based both being similar to what they use in tennis. Passan did not note which system (radar or camera-based) Yankee Stadium will get.

Bud Selig has come out as recently as the All-Star game and said that nobody wanted replay and Passan reported that the owners were not quick to agree to shell out the estimated $30-$40 million this will cost, but notes that there is a “groundswell of support” to show that baseball is not just a group of Luddites.

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