Yankees will not use Gardner as a pinch runner

I mentioned that there wasn’t a very good chance of this happening this morning, but Jed Weisberger, a MLB.com correspondent, has confirmed that the Yankees will not use Brett Gardner as a pinch runner off the bench when the rosters expand in September as was previously mentioned as a possibility.

“That’s not in our plans,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Weisberger of the possibility. “He has to be able to play defense as well.”

Gardner would not be able to play in the outfield because of his surgically repaired elbow. So as long as they would just be using him as a strict runner, they might as well just use somebody like Eduardo Nunez or even Melky Mesa. This way they don’t have to worry about finding a place for him on the 40-man roster as well.

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  1. Fred says:

    With the way Gardner runs, I wouldn't want to risk his health on the basepaths either. You know he's going to go crashing headfirst into second base, not something I'd want to do on a bad elbow

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