Cashman says Girardi’s job is not on the line

The Yankees lost a 10-game lead in their division and lately it has shown in their manager Joe Girardi‘s demenor. From him yelling at fans in Chicago to him fighting with reporters in the lockerroom it hasn’t been an easy time for him.

But he can rest assured that he will still have a job next season if the Yankees find a way to miss the playoffs. At least that’s what Brian Cashman said.

“No,” Cashman bluntly told Ken Davidoff of the NY Post¬†when asked if Girardi might be fired if the Yankees missed the playoffs. This coming not long after owner Hal Steinbrenner gave both Girardi and Cashman a vote of confidence less than two weeks ago.

It’s easy to blame Girardi for what has been going on with the Yankees for the past few weeks, but there was little he could do about it considering the biggest culprit in their struggles has been injuries.

The bats have not hit, particularly when needed to, but Girardi can’t swing the bats for this group of under-performing veterans. The bullpen hasn’t struggled, but a lack of trades at the deadline left him with only the struggling Joba Chamberlain to help midseason. There has also been a lack of small ball, but with a slugging roster that’s not the way this team was built, particularly with Brett Gardner out.

Still, the Yankees have held on to first place. After being the Rays in this weekend series, they are five-games out of first place and with 16 games left can probably play spoiler at best right now. It’s down to the Yankees and Orioles. If Girardi can’t navagate this final week though and the Yankees are just spectators come October it sounds like he’ll still keep his job though.

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2 Responses to Cashman says Girardi’s job is not on the line

  1. Mark Panuthos says:

    I think Girardi is a great manager and I agree that he can't swing the bats for the Yankees. And whereas I hold the opinion that managers can only do so much (place the lineup in order, make pitching changes etc) you have to admit that Buck Showalter is doing something right.

    yesterday, the Yankees actually stole bases. They need to pressure opposing pitching like this for the remainder of the season.

  2. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I agree with Mark and I also think that Eddie is a good cheap option as a capable DH for the next couple of years while playing the field in several dozen games as well.

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