Hal Steinbrenner: We’re all frustrated

The Yankees have now gone 19-25 since about a week after the All-Star break and have completely lost a 10-game lead in the American League East. It is enough to get owner Hal Steinbrenner’s attention.

“We’re all frustrated,” Steinbrenner told Ken Davidoff of the NY Post.

“We’re all frustrated,” Steinbrenner repeated. “The fans are frustrated. I know that. We all expect great things out of these guys. We’ve had injuries all year long. We’re not the only team, but we’ve had our share. Each time, they push through.

“The fans and my family, we expect them to push through now. I’m sure they will. But it’s a little frustrating, no doubt.”

“No, not at all,” he said when asked if manager Joe Girardi or general manager Brian Cashman’s jobs were on the line. “Look, you start to get back into it, and someone else gets hurt. [Aug. 27], when Tex [Mark Teixeira] goes down [with a left calf injury], look, that’s got to be hard. They’re looking forward to Alex [Rodriguez] coming back, and then boom, Teixeira goes down.

“And then a few days ago, [Curtis] Granderson, we were worried [about his right hamstring]. He’s back. They’ve got to keep grinding. They’ve got to keep pushing. They will. They know what’s expected of them.”

Injuries are obviously a big part of this free fall, probably the biggest part, but this is an old team, prone to breaking down, so the Yankees probably could have used some extra help at the trade deadline. They certainly could have used a bigger upgrade than Ichiro Suzuki in left, a DH, catcher, and a piece or two in the bullpen as well.

It seems like this falls on Cashman’s head, but since we are on the subject of Hal Steinbrenner, it very well have come from the top that he was not to spend, or overspend, on players either monetarily or through prospects and was hamstrung at the deadline. Looking back on it and he whiffed big time. And this could continue to be a problem as long as the Yankees are determined to cut payroll to $189 million by 2014 because contracts are going to come off the books and they won’t necessarily use that money in other places.

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7 Responses to Hal Steinbrenner: We’re all frustrated

  1. PRad says:

    Besides CC, Robertson and Soriano, our overall pitching blows… Cano, our best player, can't hit w/RISP… A-Rod is a shell of what he used to be… Granderson is batting .235… our starting catcher is batting below the Mendoza line… No Mariano… No Tex… Swish wants a $125+ million dollar deal… Ibanez is done… No Gardner… Ichiro is done… Jones is done… THIS IS NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, right now… Quite honestly, I'd trade EVERYONE on this team (with the exception of Jeter and Cano) for either The Nationals or Rays Pitching staff…

    • jay67 says:

      The league adjusted to Granderson after last season, he made no adjustment in return so they have his number this year. So much for the genius of Kevin Long. A-single is a 25 million dollar falling apart occassional singles hitter in between too many strikeouts. Can't catch up with a decent fastball anymore and tries to compensate but then fans on off speed stuff. Texiera is proud of not hitting the other way so he grounds out to the right side or pops up about three quarters of the time. Way to play for the team, Tex. Cano gets into space out funks and drifts out of the stirke zone way too much this year. The pitching sucks – Garcia should be pitching BP – he does for other teams and we call them starts. CC loses focus after the 5th inning. Joba has been pathetic and Robinson has not been the same coming off the DL. Swisher is streaky as hell – hot or cold and currently trying to do too much. Been a fan for 60 years nbut I don't see them making the playoffs. Cashman has been a disaster for years but they seem married to him. He could not hold BB's jockstrap in Oakland. Look what he does with one fifth the payroll.

  2. jay67 says:

    PS: Ichiro is done on both sides. If he was toast he'd be burnt.

  3. John says:

    players that need to go … Swisher( too streaky of a hitter, not consistent), Granderson ( all he does is hit hrs and strikes out .. although lately all he does is strike out), Martin (can't hit, defensively he is ok but we need more from our catcher, Jones (he is done!), Suzuki (he is done as well, too bad since he is actually one of my all time fav players), garcia (he is done as well), steward ( i dont know why we got him in the first place, gave up kontos who could have helped our crappy bullpen), aside from the players the coaches that should be out of a job should be Retardi (he just micromanages the crap out of games and if just a terrible manager, of the contending teams in the American League he is the worst one of them all, leyland, ventura, maddon, sholwalter, washington, scioscia, all better than retardi, its pretty sad, long ( he has turned all these hitters into hr or strikeout hitters, he needs to go). I have my doubts about rosthchild and a guy like ibanez, granted the starting pitching staff has not pitched well so it might be time for a change there as well, as for ibanez i think he was just misused, people need to remember he is 40 but should he be back next yr .. probably not since we already have 2 dhs on the left side of the infield.

  4. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    While I share everyone's frustration, let me defend Cashman and the Yankees' brass. There weren't and aren't that many things that could/can be done. It is what it is. To get someone that we might actually like would require giving up any future of young talent that the Yanks might have. Add to that the fact that fewer quality players make it to free agency at all (especially starting pitching) such that even guys like Swisher are wined and dined like crazy.

    It's further complicated by the fact that they have a strict budget for 2014 that they have to begin working toward next year and we have a situation in which fans will have to suffer for a few years. We all knew years ago that the ARod contract would be an albatross and now we are paying for it, and will continue to do so with an older Jeter that will require playing time. Then CC may begin to become a problem in a couple of years if not sooner.

    Even if they wanted to spend like crazy, there is little bang for the buck and would not come close to making the Yanks the World Series favorites. They will probably be marginal playoff contenders for the next couple of years and if they get in, they just need to hope they get on a hot streak and hope to win it all by catching lightning in a bottle. It's been done many times before by unexpected teams.

    It isn't poor GM maneuvering or bad managing or coaching that has gotten the Yanks in this mess. It's just the cycle of things in baseball. They had a higher payroll almost 10 years ago. While that has declined, the average team has substantially increased their payrolls with some of them doing a much better job of grooming young talent to boot.

    • jay67 says:

      So I guess Yankee management is not at fault for crappy farm talent, not doing a good job of evaluating new prospects outside their farm system (college, etc) and a bunch of overpriced and underperforming "super stars". Again, Beane in Oakland, just 1 example, finds good solid ballplayers in and outside their farm system and develops them. The Rays do the same. Yet the Yankee mgt team gets a pass. Your explanation is "s*it happens". I doubt most Yankee fans would agree. And they are saddled with aging ballplayers with onerous contracts so whoever gets Cashman's job when ownership finally wakes up will have a hell of a mess to clean up.

  5. bill says:

    dont wine they gave great games when flying high with 10 game lead tou were all fine so suck it up shit happens . if your truly yankee fan say could been better but sure beats being a red sox fan so stop crying

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