Rumor: Soriano will opt-out of contract after season

Brian Cashman said it at his press conference – if Rafael Soriano gets hurt the Yankees would be stuck with his contract, but if he has a good year he’ll leave and go somewhere else for more money.

Well it looks like Soriano is going to leave and go somewhere else for more money as Scott Boras Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported that he will opt-out of his deal at the end of this season.

It makes sense as Soriano will have just one year and $14 million left on his deal after this, but after notching 40 saves this season could very likely land a bigger, multi-year deal elsewhere.

If he does opt-out that almost certainly means an end to Soriano’s days in Pinstripes. First of all, he’s going to want a multi-year deal and with the team’s goal of getting under $189 million payroll by 2014 they won’t want to dole out an obscene amount to a reliever. On top of that there is Mariano Rivera who is expected to return next year. Now that Soriano has the taste of being a closer in his mouth once again it is unlikely he will be willing to go back to being a setup man, a role that did not suit his personality.

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7 Responses to Rumor: Soriano will opt-out of contract after season

  1. manny says:

    A if he wants to leave he’s got all the right to do so,

    There is no way the yankees are going to give soriano

    A 3 year deal wich is what he be looking for.

  2. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    The best part is that the Yanks will make him a tender offer yielding a high draft pick.

    • Fred says:

      That's a good point there, at least we'll get that from his departure.

      This rumor really doesn't surprise me, I figured Soriano would leave the Yankees for a closer job somewhere considering how well he's played

      I just hope its in the National League. Preferably a team we never play in interleague

  3. tim says:

    Being a setup man doesn't fit his personality? As far as I can tell, he doesn't have a personality. Never seen him smile yet. But he's a pretty good pitcher so I hope they keep him.

    • It's funny that you mention him smiling because I saw him smiling for the 2nd time ever tonight. I'm not usually the type that buys into personality fits for closers, but he seems to genuinely have a problem with not being THE GUY.

  4. Bill says:

    Not surprising. Joba has shown flashes of his old form and David Aardsma should be ready to go next spring, so losing Soriano shouldn't be devastating. If he walks, all you can say is good luck and God bless. He did a fine job for the Yankees this year and made the loss of the one man we thought was indispensable almost a complete non-issue. Although I cannot wait to see Mo come in next April to the strains of Enter Sandman.

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