Stop booing A-Rod you spoiled, ignorant Yankees fans 39

It’s become the thing to do. Visit New York, go to a Yankees game, and boo Alex Rodriguez.

I’ll admit it can be fun. Heck, even I’ve done it, but the last time was probably way back in 2008. Since then things have changed and A-Rod is one of the last Yankees worthy of the boo-birds.

Things changed back in 2009. A-Rod, who had always been kind of a buffoon off the field and seemed to always fall on his face in the playoffs, was outed as a steroid cheat. It seemed like just another bad chapter in what was an annoying Yankee career despite MVP seasons of 2005 and 2007. Except he owned up to it and finally stopped taking himself so seriously.

Then on May 8 against the Orioles he smacked a homer that was almost like an on field announcement – he was done playing games.

A-Rod went on to have a great season and hit .286/.402/.532. Not quite the numbers he had just put up in 2007, but still among the best in the game. Then it happened, he did something he had never done in the playoffs (well technically never done from Game 5 of the 2004 ACLS to 2007), he went on a tear in the playoffs.

In 15 games during the 2009 playoffs and World Series, A-Rod hit a monstrous .365/.500/.808 with five doubles and six homers. It wasn’t just the numbers either it was the timing as well. His hits were big. Even his bad nights came when the pitching staff carried the team. And just when it looked like he was cooling off, boom, a Game 4 game tying RBI-double in the ninth inning off Brad Lidge.

A-Rod almost single handedly put the team on his back in the playoffs to carry them to a World Series and then played a huge role in helping them win it. Quite an achievement considering not a single Cubs player has done that in the past 100 years. Heck, it’s been almost 30 years since the cross town Mets have even been as lucky. But today Yankees fans seem to have forgotten about it, forgotten about the 2009 World Series and A-Rod’s amazing contribution to it.

But who am I kidding? New York is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of town. So A-Rod did more for the Yankees in one October than most active players have ever done in their careers. Who cares? This season he hasn’t gotten it done.

A-Rod’s numbers this season have paled in comparrison to his career. Instead of OPS’ing nearly 1.000 each year his line is just .274/.351/.450 (an .801 OPS). He certainly doesn’t get a pass for his age because of his contract and besides Derek Jeter is older and having a better year.

Except Jeter, who never gets booed and has been talked about by Yankees fans as a possible MVP candidate, really isn’t having a better season than A-Rod. Sure Jeter’s .322 average is much more impressive than A-Rod’s .274 mark, but this isn’t 1984 and we know that batting average isn’t everything. Not all hits are created equal.

A-Rod’s line of .274/.351/.450 is nearly identical to Jeter’s .322/.366/.443 line (just .008 OPS points different). But one player gets booed with every 0-fer and the other is an MVP candidate? Surely, you jest.

Now I know there are differences between the two players. Jeter has been consistent and A-Rod has spent time on the DL. But A-Rod’s broken hand was a freak accident the result of getting hit by a pitch and even Jeter went through a very rough stretch in May and part of June. At the end of the season their results are similar. Jeter has reached base slightly more, but A-Rod’s at bats pack slightly more of a punch. It seems as if the differences are merely expectations.

But let’s ignore everything I’ve said to this point and get to the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately aspect again. The Yankees offense, which still ranks second in all of baseball overall, has struggle lately. Specifically they struggled during a rough month of August.

Luckily, the Yankees got A-Rod back in September and in the first 13 games of the month he went on a bit of a tear. He hit in 12 of his first 13 games back and had an impressive .300/.351/.520 line behind it.

Then yesterday happened. A-Rod went 0-fer in the first game and boos started raining down on him. Then he went 0-fer in the second game and they got louder, more intense.

A friend of mine at the game, a Mets fan, who took his girlfriend, a Yankees fan, to the night game for her birthday was confused. Why were they booing A-Rod? Didn’t he win them a World Series? Hasn’t he been their hottest batter over the past two weeks? Weren’t the Yankees in the middle of sweeping a doubleheader? He joked, they should try watching a Mets game (the Mets have now lost 24 of their last 28 home games).

Things have gotten out of hand when a Mets fan is standing up for A-Rod more than Yankees fans are.

Yesterday was a rough day for A-Rod to be sure. He went 0-for-7 with five strikeouts. Really bad. But try to keep things in perspective. Try not to come off as spoiled brats who can’t even remember that A-Rod had a big RBI just the day before. Try to remember how special each World Series really is and A-Rod’s amazing contribution to it. It makes all of us, as a fan base, look pretty silly.

Editor’s note: I would like to add that it is certainly not all Yankees fans who boo A-Rod. There are quite a few of us who support him and have not forgotten his contributions of 2009, this season, and even the last few weeks. This article was aimed at a few Yankees fans, perhaps even a small, but loud, minority of us. To those Yankees fans out there who are not giving the rest of us a bad name, I say thank you.

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.

39 thoughts on “Stop booing A-Rod you spoiled, ignorant Yankees fans

  • Hardcore Yankee Fan

    I think what's a major part of the booing is the fact that he got the largest contract in history and we have years more of a declining player who will further become less and less effective.

  • john

    ok but how is that arod's fault im a HUGE arod fan and i have defended him more than one time. so tired of hearing about the contract and declining players stuff. we all know it already but how is that arod's fault? the yanks offered him that contract why wouldnt he sign it? of course arod's age would catch up to him it catches up to all of us. im one of the minority that is glad he is a yankee and will retire a yankee

  • stoogazzo

    I guess it's just the old cliche', What have you done for me lately? Or it could be, What have you done for me lately, since you're earning 29 million dollars a year?

  • @LadyLovesPins

    Thank God someone else agree with my sentiments on this…I was at both games of the doubleheader yesterday and it was terrible. The first game had barely anyone there but the boooos were still dominantly loud when A-rod struck out n his third at bat.

    Just so you know…. A-rod struck out 5x's total in his 7-at-bats and he did have an RBI in the first game yesterday.

    Still….this post was perfectly written and perfectly timed because at times I feel like a red-headed step child cheering for A-rod in Yankees Stadium.

    If Yankee fans were signing his paychecks than they could boooo A-rod all they want but that is not the case. The case is A-rod works harder than anyone to be that clutch player to earn the fans cheers but at this point I don't think it matters what he does, as certain Yankee fans will find something else to boooo him for.

    I love A-rod and regardless if he is hitting, when he is in the line-up that team is much harder to face.

  • Bernard Kane

    I like them both as players and people. A-Rod has matured tremendously, and it shows. His teamamtes like and respect him, and that says a lot.
    But the expectations of each player are different. Jeter is expected to be a singles hitter, and A-Rod is expected to produce big hits and RBIs. Of his 112 hits this year only 35 are better than singles, or 31.25%. His last year of 30 homers, 2010, that percentage was 43.26. His RBI percentage of hits is 50% this year, and 88% in 2010. These are big differences.
    I understand he's older, but so is Jeter. I am still behind A-Rod as a person and a professional. I want him to succeed. But the numbers aren't lying.

  • Hudson

    Just an FYI – I live in Seattle and they still Boo him. Part of that is is our douchebaggery and double dealing from the past. Sorry but cheating is cheating. That said, he should not be booed at home. Good article.

  • stoogazzo

    You are one of the few people I have discussed this with that has supplied me with a cohesive scenario regarding A-Rod's demise. What a shame for a ballplayer go to out that way. I go way back with the Yankees, Hardcore, and I can say that I hold the highest regard for the Great DiMaggio and the way he went out with his head held high, as opposed to Mantle and Mays two great ballplayers who decided to hang on too long.

  • Jamey

    I am so sick of fair weather fans. I love the Yankees period. My guts roll everytime they lose. But I don't get nasty about it. I always root for AROD . Look at what happened when he was on the DL. I don't care about his past or current failures. He is a Yankee who has earned his stripes and the respect that comes from wearing those stripes. Give the man a break and lay off. Anyone can get injured in baseball and no one is perfect.

  • Bill

    If you're going to boo anyone (and I try to avoid it), Granderson deserves his share of crticism. The guy has morphed from an extra base machine into a dead-pull, strictly all or nothing hitter who shows absolutely no ability or inclination to adjust. 190 strikeouts (and probably more) is absolutely unacceptable. Yet I have rarely heard the fans get on him. Can you imagine how many hits (including home runs) he might have hit if he had made contact in maybe 70 of those at bats that ended in a K? Maybe 20 hits, with 5 or 6 homers? And how many more RBIs, even when making an out? Pure conjecture, I know, but if you hit the ball, something good can happen.

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