Top 10 Observations with four games remaining

Sabermetrics convey much useful information to fans and front-office personal everywhere.  For instance, did you know that Robinson Cano’s TaV is .306?  … well, uh…. It is.

But as noted Yankees fan Socrates said to his students at the Lyceum around 399 BCE, “not all truth can be quantified by nerdy statistical analysis”.  For your reading pleasure, I have compiled an easily-digestible outline of facts every bit as scientifically-crafted as TaV all woven together by the thread of the all but inevitable 17th post-season playoff berth of the past 18 years by the greatest team in North American sports history.  Here goes:

10)  Andruw Jones has an AMAZING slash line: .333/.333/1.333 (please note, this is based on three at-bats  in the past two games).  En Fuego!

9) Robinson Cano’s offensive production has been the hottest amongst all Yankees to have played in the last seven games. His slash line is .406/.457/.500 in 32 at bats.  He is also easily the most valuable Yankee with a WAR of 6.5

8) Raul Ibanez has the highest slugging percentage of all Yankees to have played in the last 7 games with at least 20 at bats at .880.

7) Red Sox nation, lacking anything to look forward to for at least the next four post-seasons have embraced the roll of “spoiler”, except that they’re not really spoiling anything.  They are 3-7 over their last 10 games, tied for dead-last with Toronto.  On the bright side, they are still the best major league baseball team in Boston.

6) Speaking as a fan of baseball, and not simply a Yankees’ fan, I think Ben Cherrington is doing a great job for the Red Sox. I definitely agree that keeping Bobby Valentine for at least another season is the right course of action for such a deserving fan base as the Red Sox.  But I really think that for Valentine’s highly successful formula to take root, he needs at least a decade with the franchise.

5) Russell Martin has hit a career-high 20 homeruns this season. Since the All-Star break, he has the second-most homeruns of any Yankee behind Curtis Granderson.

4) The Yankees will clinch a playoff berth with two more victories. They close out the season with two more games against Toronto and three against the Red Sox (who are still technically a major league franchise despite the number of Pawtucket Sox players on the roster).  The scheduling gods could not have been kinder to the Yankees because…..

3) The Tampa Bay Rays, who actually play in St Petersburg, will be battling for their playoff-lives against the surprising-to-say-the-least Baltimore Orioles in St Petersburg for their season finale.  You’ll recall that last year the Rays rallied from a 7 run deficit to win in game 162 against the Yankees, while the Red Sox lost to the Orioles on the same night (actually, early into the next morning) to qualify for their third post-season berth in the last four years and simultaneously disqualifying the Red Sox from their third consecutive playoff berth.  The Orioles are battling for their first AL East title in, as I recall, 500 years whereas the Rays need something short of a miracle to make the second Wild Card spot.  That will be a great series and Tampa Bay newspapers are predicting over 200 people at Tropicana Field!

2) Adam Dunn has Curtis Granderson’s number. He leads Granderson in both strikeouts (his 213 bests Granderson’s 190 by 13) and homeruns (41-40).  I have developed a new metric which I call WSHFLTHNKING that scientifically proves that Granderson’s occasional power (he is fourth amongst Yankees who have played in at least 50 games since the All Star break in slugging percentage at .454) will matter more in the playoffs than his consistent inability to hit a log from the inside.

1) Phil Hughes has quietly had a great second half of the season.  He has 16 wins, a respectable WHiP at 1.24, and 161 strikeouts.  His 4.10 ERA is misleading since he had arguably the worst first half of a season since any pitcher not named Todd van Poppel.  He even struck out four batters last week in one inning! In fact, who knew that Phil Hughes would be having a better season than Tim Lincecum?

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2 Responses to Top 10 Observations with four games remaining

  1. Fred says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed numbers 6 and 7, I just hope we get it done against the PawSox now.

    As for Phil Hughes, he has been pretty encouraging lately. His start today wasn't the best, but it wasn't god awful either. He's certainly a solid 4th pitcher for the playoff rotation in my eyes.

  2. map2history says:

    I was about to tear into you on Andruw Jones, but I just noticed the qualifier.

    I read somewhere that Bobby Valentine is out after this year because of something he said on a local interview. It came out late on Saturday I think.

    great article by the way, thoroughy enjoyed it!

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