What’s wrong with the Yankees?

The Yankees came out of the All-Star break the same way they went into it, winning lots of games, but unfortunately after they took six of seven games they haven’t been the same since. From July 19th, the start of a four game series against Oakland, they have been 19-24 and looked awful doing it.

But what exactly has been the problem?

INJURIES: The Yankees have played games without Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, Andy Pettitte, CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, and Mariano Rivera during their recent stretch of poor baseball. All of those players are counted on to be major contributors to this team.

THE OFFENSE: Since July 19 the Yankees offense has hit a combined .254/.317/.419 over 43 games. That is down across the board from what they were doing previous to that – .265/.339/.467. Injuries have played a large part in that, but it isn’t just the injuries that are hurting them.

CANO: Robinson Cano is the Yankees best hitter and they need him to be their best hitter, but since that series in Oakland he has fallen on hard times hitting just .265/.335/.457. Those aren’t terrible numbers, but the Yankees will go as their best hitter goes and if he’s not playing up to his caliber it’s hard to expect the Yankees to either.

GRANDERSON: After Cano, Granderson is probably the second most important hitter in this lineup. Unfortunately he’s completely fallen off the table in the second half of the season and is hitting just .195/.259/.409 since July 19. Throw in his terrible defense and Granderson has become a liability to the Yankees.

IBANEZ: Raul Ibanez had a nice run in May and was really helpful before Teixeira began to turn his season around, but he’s 40-years-old and was forced to play in the field to make up for the absence of Gardner. So it’s no surprise to see that he’s fallen off and has hit just .210/.295/.370 since July 19. That’s not going to cut it as a left fielder or a DH.

JONES: Andruw Jones is the other half of the Yankees DH platoon and he’s been even worse than Ibanez. He’s hit .125/.220/.208 since July 19 and it is amazing that he still has a job at all. Supposedly great against lefties, he’s hit .120/.237/.220 off them in that span.

MARTIN: It’s not that Russell Martin has gotten worse, but it should be pointed out that he still sucks. Since July 19, he’s hit just .230/.304/.377. Would have been nice to have seen him upgraded at the trade deadline.

ICHIRO: Overall, Ichiro Suzuki has done pretty much what should have been expected of him as he hit just .275/.301/.405. Not good, but to be expected at his age. The problem is that he’s been even worse lately, he’s hit .182/.217/.205 since August 20th. Because of his age there is a real concern that could last all season. If that’s the case than the Yankees are in big trouble.

THE BULLPEN: The Yankees ‘pen started off as a big strength, but it has fallen off significantly recently. Over the past 30 days only three teams in the American League have been worse than them which means that with the offense struggling their starting pitchers have to dominate for them to even have a chance at winning.

JOBA: A big reason the Yankees didn’t make a move at the trade deadline for a reliever was because of the impending return of Joba Chamberlain. Unfortunately, Joba has been real bad since he returned. He has a 10.57 ERA, a 5.9 K/9 and a 5.9 BB/9 while opponents have hit .447/.522/.684 off him. Babe Ruth wishes he could have put up those numbers.

THE REST: In years past the way the Yankees built their bullpen has been to throw a ton of options at the wall and waited until a few guys began to stand out. This year the Yankees have done that to a lesser extent, but the names they’ve thrown out there have been few and far between. There was Chad Qualls, Ryota Igarashi, and Derek Lowe. That’s all they’ve tried. Not impressive and not surprising that they didn’t work out.

NOVA: In seven starts before landing on the DL, he had a 7.02 ERA and he turned the average hitter into an All-Star with a .311/.376/.506 line against him. That’s not major league caliber and unfortunately because of injuries to CC and Pettitte the Yankees were not able to replace him until they were forced to.

GARCIA: Freddy Garcia has more or less done the job filling in for the injured pitchers, but lately he leaves a bit to be desired. His ERA since July 19 has been 4.53. His K/9 and BB/9 have been solid, but he’s only pitched into the seventh inning twice in eight starts and hasn’t even lasted through the fifth inning in his last two starts. That’s a problem when the bullpen has been this bad.

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.
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10 Responses to What’s wrong with the Yankees?

  1. stoogazzo says:


  2. stoogazzo says:

    You forgot to metion station to station baseball by Binder Joe Girardi. You forgot to mention no small ball; no bunting, no stealing, even when you have speed at first. You forgot to mention no hitting and running. You forgot to mention keeping the starting pitcher in too long and continually inserting Chamberlain, when he should be in the minors trying to improve his pitching, and not at the major league level. Don't tell me he only plays the chips he has. Sometimes a manager has to improvise . Sometimes a manager has to change his game plan. Sometimes a manager has to be objective instead of making excuses for these overpaid players. Don't you feel Girardi plays some part in the Yankees demise?

  3. Wynn Hasty says:

    The Yankees look to be old and tired. K.Long should be fired after the season ;it is his job to get the Yankees hitting.They should release some existing players like Andrew Jones;bring up Ronnie Mustlier from Triple A. He is hitting and is young. Try your young pitchers in lieu of Garcia(Phelps or Adam Warren);You might as well release garcia and clear a roster spot; he adds no value.

    • Debo says:

      I like your ideas. I saw Mustlier play in at least 4 games and he has some pop in that bat.. Adam Warren definetly deserves some innings. His first outing was just that a first outing. Imagine yourself on baseball's biggest stage for the first time. Lets get him in, regardless of who we are playing. We need to debvelop this pitcher for the future.

  4. David K. says:

    I agree with Stoogazzo. Girardi's managing has been wooden-headed ever since winning in 2009. A lot of terrible decision making and very rigid approach. Occasionally makes a good move or manages well enough to beguile some into believing that he's doing a decent job. Does this guy ever give a talk to his players and get them to move baserunners and hit to the open holes in the shifts? If they are giving you the hit, especially in the right situation, it's the team thing to do to take the single and not swing for the fences. That said, Cashman is the real culprit in this collapse. Even when healthy, almost the whole team is made up of low average hitters who swing for the fences all the time. Even if you make the playoffs, you'll get the same result as last year: first round knock out because no clutch hitting with runners on base.

  5. jpmac55 says:

    Girardi's keeps saying he believes his team will turn it around but offers nothing in case they don't. This team was built around the long ball and decent but not great pitching. Players who reach first base could bring a magazine as they wait for someone to pop one. Even the guys they picked up throughout the year are decent but not one of them has any speed. Moving runners is a lost art on this team. Even Lou P. suggests there is no replacement for speed. But even that suggests stealing bases, the hit & run – seldom tried when things are going good and now when things are going bad.

    A managers job is make something happen when the team is struggling. Kevin Long has a team of potential Hall members yet everyone's production has drastically fallen off. I am sure they are both good guys but work ethic aside, not very good at their jobs.

    So the Yankees will still make the playoffs if they get hot again and start hitting home runs. Unfortunately, we are witnessing what happens when they stop hitting home runs.

  6. map2history says:

    on the other hand, World Series history is choc full of teams that got hot JUST before the playoffs.

  7. jay67 says:

    The league adjusted to Granderson after last season, he made no adjustment in return so they have his number this year. So much for the genius of Kevin Long. A-single is a 25 million dollar falling apart occassional singles hitter in between too many strikeouts. Can't catch up with a decent fastball anymore and tries to compensate but then fans on off speed stuff. Texiera is proud of not hitting the other way so he grounds out to the right side or pops up about three quarters of the time. Way to play for the team, Tex. Cano gets into space out funks and drifts out of the stirke zone way too much this year. The pitching sucks – Garcia should be pitching BP – he does for other teams and we call them starts. CC loses focus after the 5th inning. Joba has been pathetic and Robinson has not been the same coming off the DL. Swisher is streaky as hell – hot or cold and currently trying to do too much. Been a fan for 60 years nbut I don't see them making the playoffs. Cashman has been a disaster for years but they seem married to him. He could not hold BB's jockstrap in Oakland. Look what he does with one fifth the payroll.

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