Yankees back in tie for 1st after a blown call

CC Sabathia had a rough start and the Yankees offense was beaten by Joe Saunders, but the Yankees appeared to tie the game at 5-5 in the top of the ninth except first base umpire Jerry Meals saw it differently and they lost to the Orioles 5-4.

The Yankees are now tied for first place in the American League East with the Orioles. The Rays lost so at least they remain two-games back.

It was a terrible call even by the naked eye and to add insult to injury, Mark Teixeira had a setback on the play. After the game he told reporters that he doesn’t expect to play tomorrow and doesn’t know if he’ll miss multiple games.

Speaking of injured players, Sabathia had a bad start tonight. He’s actually been solid since his return from the DL, but there is something a bit off about him. His velocity is down a bit and even though up until tonight, he’s been able to fight through games, it made the difference tonight as the Orioles launched three homers off him.

It’s obvious that CC’s elbow isn’t 100 percent. Hopefully it’s not something serious that he is trying to play through. He told reporters after the game that his elbow has nothing to do with it though. We’ll see.

They struggled offensively with runners in scoring position, but realistically they did score five runs tonight and tied the game. We’ll never know what would have happened. Alex Rodriguez continued his hot hitting of late, but Nick Swisher has now gone 0-for-his-last-23.

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8 Responses to Yankees back in tie for 1st after a blown call

  1. Thomas says:


  2. Leroi says:

    I don't know why meals is getting all this hate. He did nothing wrong to the game. I think he is one of the best umpires of the whole thing. I just don't understand why all the hate is here…I mean…Haters gotta hate

  3. Alex says:

    I'm an orioles fan and I aprove of this comment ^

  4. Leroi says:

    I KNOW RIGHT!? THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD GAME FOR US 😀 Too bad he PURPOSELY made the wrong call! XD

  5. Thomas says:


  6. John says:

    this wasnt jerry meals fault .. if the yankees just did their damn job .. this situation would have never even come up … the blame has to go to …
    1) CC sabathia which it's obvious he is not an ACE, how do you get outdueled by a journeyman joe saunders. Brian cashman and prob every yankee fan was fooled into thinking that he was an ACE, not only has he been terrible this year but a major reason for the yankees not making it out of the first round the last two years has been because he has come up empty
    2) Nick Swisher, how the hell can a hitter be in a 2 for 48 slump .. that is just plain ridiculous, when the yankees have needed him most he has come up empty, just like in the playoffs, i really hope they dont try to resign him cuz its pretty obvious that he cant perform under pressure.
    3) Curtis Granderson- this guy is just plain lost, stupid retardi should have pinch hit for him in the 8th, he has 168 ks one shy of the yankee record he owns of 169. hopefully this guys does not come back next year. doubtful tho as he has an option.
    finally 4) Robinson Cano- currently the best hitter on the yankees is not playing like one. He is chasing way too many pitches out of the zone. it seems like he is trying to hit everything out of the park so he can boost up his numbers to get a better contract in 2 years. it is also obvious that kevin long has screwed him up .. he is not longer the 330 hitter we saw a few years ago. it pisses me off so much because he is soooo damn good at going to the other way when he does it. if he would just get back to being the hitter who hits the ball all over the park rather than trying to pull everything he would be fine. it is just inexcusable that just best player is not playing like your best player.

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