Yankees clinch a playoff spot after the Angels are beaten

The Yankees magic number to win the American League Eastern division is still four games, but they officially clinched at least a Wild Card when the Rangers beat the Angels 8-7 to eliminate them from the picture.

This means that the Yankees, Orioles, and Rangers are now officially at least playing in the one-game Wild Card playoff. Everything else is up for grabs.

Each division is wide open. The Tigers have the best chance to win their division as they have a three game lead over the White Sox, but the Athletics are only two games behind the Rangers and could still win the West. And of course the Yankees and Orioles are tied right now so either team could take the division.

If the Yankees and Orioles finish in a tie for the East, then there will be a game 163 in Baltimore on Thursday to determine the division winner.

Then there are the Rays and the Angels. They still technically have a chance to win a Wild Card spot, but both teams would need to win all three of their games and watch the A’s lose all three of theirs. The chances of that happening are slim, but it is possible one of those two teams could still squeek in.

It’s going to be an exciting upcoming three days to determine the final standings. Everything is wide open and the matchups are pretty exciting. The Yankees face the Red Sox, the Orioles face the Rays, and the Rangers play the Athletics. Only the Tigers, who face the Royals, and the White Sox, who face the Indians, won’t be playing absolutely compelling baseball.

There are three games left, none of the divisions are settled, and there is still one Wild Card spot up for grabs. It’s even possible that there could be a four way tie for on the final day of the season the best record in the AL if the Yankees and O’s split the next two games and the Athletics win the next two against the Rangers.

It’s going to be one hell of a three days.

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2 Responses to Yankees clinch a playoff spot after the Angels are beaten

  1. Mike says:

    Rob, you are off on this

    The Angels are not eliminated. They have a chance to tie Oakland still as another wild card spot. But one Angel loss or A's win and Then the Angels are eliminated

    Also, it is not possible in any way for a 4 way tie, because Oakland and Texas cannot finish with the same record. Currently the Rangers are up 2 games. If they sweep the A's, they win the division by 5. If they win 2 of 3, they win by 3. If they win 1 of 3, they win by 1, and if the Rangers get swept, then the A's win the division by 1. There can be a 3 way tie for best record, but not a 4 way tie.

  2. You are right about the Angels. In my attempt to make sense of all of this I overlooked that they have the same record as the Rays. They still have a chance.

    The 4-way tie though, I believe you simply misunderstood. You are right in that they cannot finish in a four way tie, but I mean that after 161 games they could all be tied. As I wrote, if the Yankees and Orioles each go 1-1 over the next two games while Texas goes 0-2 against the A's then all four teams would have a 93-68 record with 1 game left to play. That is madness.

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