Yankees fire pitching guru Billy Connors

Billy Connors has been the Yankees pitching gurupretty much since I can remember. He was the pitching coach in 1989-1990, then again in 1994-1995, and finally in 2000 and since 1996 he has been a member of the team’s front office.

Now, according to George King and Dan Martin of the NY Post, the Yankees have relieved Connors of his duties. Although he still has an open invitation to spring training.

It’s hard to say from an outside exactly how this changes things. He was part of the Tampa contingent and often worked with rehabbing pitchers or pitchers who were having a particularly hard time with their mechanics. The Yankees will surely replace him with a very capable coach, but his experience will surely be missed.

Brian Cashman didn’t comment as to why Connors was dismissed or laid off or whatever you want to call it and I won’t do him the disservice of speculating. I will just wish him luck and hope that he catches on with another team if that’s what he wishes. Otherwise, maybe we’ll see him in spring training next season.

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  1. This happened in 2012!

  2. Too bad for billy connors

  3. Yankees are great, i love them despite their bad luck lol. if you know what i mean.

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