A-Rod benched again with Granderson this time

Down 0-3 in the ALCS, the Yankees season is on the line tonight and manager Joe Girardi has decided to once again bench his highest paid slugger, Alex Rodriguez, along with center fielder Curtis Granderson.

That means that Nick Swisher is back in the lineup and Eric Chavez and Brett Gardner will once again be in the lineup with Gardner in center field.

Girardi indicated in the pregame press conference that the reason was not the NY Post’s flirting story, which used an unnamed fan as it’s lone source, as many people have wondered. Instead Girardi suggested it’s because A-Rod can’t hit righties anymore.

This is true. At this point in his career, A-Rod is still a decent, not great, player.┬áHe hit just .256 with a .717 OPS against righties this year though and when you have Chavez on the bench, who hit .298 with a .908 OPS against righties this season, it seems obvious to go with Chavez. Some people bring up Chavez’s small sample size of 0-for-14 as a reason to stick with A-Rod, but it’s not like A-Rod’s tiny sample size of 3-for-23 has been much better.

This is the reason why I said at the end of my A-Rod to Miami rumor bonanza piece that it wasn’t crazy to think he could be traded this offseason. This is a clear sign that the Yankees view A-Rod as a mere platoon player.

The Yankees are finally benching Granderson after he has gone just 3-for-29 with 15 strikeouts this postseason. They benched Swisher yesterday. Perhaps giving one player each a night off is a non-verbal statement to each player and their future with the teams.

Let’s hope it works. Tonight could be the last game of the Yankees season. They probably aren’t going to win this series, but hopefully they go down in a glorious fight.

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4 Responses to A-Rod benched again with Granderson this time

  1. jack says:

    quite using A-Rod as a scapegoat. Why is Cano still playing ? Cashman trying to force A-Rod out of town to save money. Yankees do not want to win , just make money. Long time yankee fan will leave with A-Rod.

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      "Why is Cano still playing?"

      Ok, so you want to replace Cano instead of A-Rod? really? You think we stand a better chance with Chavez and Nunez playing middle-infield?

      They're not going to save all that much money by dumping A-Rod, they'll almost certainly have to pay to get rid of him. Getting him off the roster creates a bunch of opportunities – move Jeter to third base when he returns, keep Ibanez as an outfield sub and DH, re-sign Cano (he is, after all one of the best second basemen in the game) you're stuck with Tex for a while and get down below the salary cap, if only for one year, to reset the amount of luxury tax the Yankees pay after 2014.

      A-Rod is a bad presence on the Yankees – pre-A-Rod, four WS championships and six AL pennants. Post A-Rod, one WS, one AL pennant, and multiple Early-playoff exits.

  2. DMQ says:

    Are you serious? Leaving with A-Rod! For long time Yankee fans, getting rid of A-Rod will almost make up for not getting to the World Series this year.

    "Let's see. We can win the play in the World Series this year or we can be A-Rod free for the next five years. That's a tough choice." I'm joking a bit here, but I think it speaks truth about how much the fans would like to see him go.
    I mean, don't you want guys you actually want to root for on your team?

    That said, A-Rod at $6 Mil a year would be acceptable to me. At that level I could perhaps bring myself to cheer for him.

    I guess Cashman's idea is to embarrass the guy, so that A-Rod himself will be the one to want to break that ungodly contract.

    PS. Come on Jeter! We know you'll shake it off and compete next year.

    • jb13 says:

      Let's see, A-Rod is benched because he is not hitting, so they replace him with a guy who is 0-14. I'd say they are trying to get rid of him. What a farce cashman and giraldi are.

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