A-Rod in the lineup batting 6th tonight

The highest paid player in baseball, Alex Rodriguez, was pinch hit for in games three and four and was benched in game five of the ALDS, but he is starting and batting sixth in Game 1 of the ALCS tonight.

Girardi explained that the pinch hitting and the benching was based on a gut feeling, but said that the Yankees need A-Rod to be playing, and playing well, to be at their best.

“This is a guy that we really need to get going,” Joe Girardi told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “This is a guy that, 2009, you think about what he did throughout the playoffs. I just believe in my heart that he’s ready to go. I believe he’s going to contribute. We’re going to put him back in there.”

Girardi is right. As bad as A-Rod has been, he’s 2-for-16 with no extra base hits and nine walks in four games, he still has something to offer and the Yankees will be much better off if they can get him right. So playing him is necessary. At the same time, it’s good to see that they’ve dropped him lower in the lineup so at least he won’t constantly be coming to the plate in the biggest situations.

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4 Responses to A-Rod in the lineup batting 6th tonight

  1. stoogazzo says:

    Regarding A-Rod, in your opinion, is this just a prolonged slump that he is enduring, or is he washed-up and through as a hitter? There have been no definitive statements regarding where he is actually at this point. I would be most interested on your read, Rob.

    • I don't think he's finished, but he's clearly not the player that he once was. He's 37-years-old and despite the fact that Jeter is aging gracefully, 37 is the time when hitters start to fall off. I think that he is still capable of putting up a .800 OPS, but because of his age he's going to be a bit more inconsistent than usual. What we're seeing now is probably a bit of the downside. I think he could still be a capable player for the Yankees in the ALCS or WS should they get that far. Not the hero, but capable.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I don't think that Rodriguez has demonstrated that he is ready to do anything for the team in the face of his lack of hitting– We don't see him trying to just put bat to ball, or advance runners. Is this Girardi's lack of instruction? Or is it the "performance indicators" thinking that governs his contract– a true reflection of his primary concern– his own self. I'm not sure I want to watch him take another at bat in this series. Question is, what does Girardi do now?

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    All time absurd contract. At this point I'm hoping he catches fire for a bit, and then the booing, and the drop in the order, and the coming reduction of his playing time, gets to him and he waives his no-trade clause. Being able to shed this player would be the single best move management can make. As I mentioned on another thread, I can see him being traded for Vernon Wells and NY being happy about it.

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