Aceves may have given Teixeira a gift home run

Since returning from the DL, Mark Teixeira played in three games against the Red Sox and he went 1-for-12. That one was a home run off former Yankee and current Red Sox malcontent Alfredo Aceves.

As it turns out, Teixeira thinks that Aceves might have been making it easy on him by throwing him only changeups until he hit it out.

“I think that was probably a gift for me there,” Teixeira told the NY Post.

It certainly seems possible. Aceves has not been happy with the Red Sox this season and has made that well known. A former Yankee, I wouldn’t put it past him to maybe go a little easy on the Yankees to try to stick it in the Red Sox craw one final time before he is inevitably traded this offseason.

Looking at the strikezone plot and Teixeira’s heat zone and it appears that there might be something to this. It seems like Aceves was aiming for Teixeira’s happy zone.

 Strikezone plot via

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2 Responses to Aceves may have given Teixeira a gift home run

  1. stoogazzo says:

    By now all the teams know that Teixiera cannot hit a change-up. I have been watching the stiff pop up or strike out the majority of the time at off-speed pitches. I guess after all the change-ups Aceves threw, he got a hold of one.

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