Anonymous Yankee blames booing fans for ALCS collapse

The Yankees have a $200 million payroll, a collection of veterans who have been there and done that, and a majority of them have won a World Series just three years ago. Despite all of that one anonymous Yankee claimed that getting booed by the fans in the Bronx unnerved them and ultimately lead to their decline.

“I really think the booing spooked a lot of guys,” the player told John Harper of the NY Daily News. “A lot of guys hadn’t been booed before, and they couldn’t believe how nasty it got in the stands.”

“A lot of guys were talking about it in the clubhouse,” he said. “I was surprised by how much it bothered them. I really don’t think they ever recovered.”


I can’t believe a Yankee said that. I can’t believe they would say something like that and not put their name to it as well. That’s certainly a bold statement and to do it anonymously is cowardly. It’s one thing to make excuses for struggling, but another thing entirely to say that these guys were so rattled by getting booed that they packed it in for the rest of the series.

I didn’t like the booing or agree with it. It’s one thing to let the team know you are frustrated, but on the scale it happened and the way it happened, where fans seemed more eager to boo than to cheer when good things happened, it was completely unnecessary. But for a player to come out and say that it affected the players so much that they couldn’t perform is like calling a player Ed Whitson — saying a player can’t hack it in the Bronx.

That anonymous player shouldn’t have said anything at all. And if he was doing it for what he felt like were the proper reasons – perhaps an attempt to motivate the player/players that he is talking about than put your name to it or do it privately. This is exactly the type of thing that fractures club houses and going into an offseason with this big a disappointing loss and one where Nick Swisher could leave as well, a fractured clubhouse may be a serious risk for these Yankees. The last thing the Yankees need now is to turn into the Boston Red Sox.

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6 Responses to Anonymous Yankee blames booing fans for ALCS collapse

  1. EP1 says:

    I miss The Boss. This crap wouldn't have stood and it's never going to change with him gone.

    Sure, we'll win some more titles, none with the core four, but the NYY are a different organization now and that sucks.

  2. I have to say, it was The Boss who created this entire atmosphere where fans boo guys like A-Rod who did something for the Yankees that no Cubs player has done in Chicago in 100 years. I will say that the organization is certainly different without him, but he created the mess that call themselves Yankees fans who fill the stadium.

    • Gonzalo Hiram says:

      I completely agree with all what you wrote.
      For those missing The Boss, he was here when that atrocious ridiculous ARod extention happened.

      We are forgetting that we were the AL team with most wins during regular season and we are forgetting that it was an amazing season considering Joba, Pineda, Rivera, Pettitte, ARod, Gardner and Jeter injuries.

      I know there are somethings to change because of the way we lost during the ALCS but demanding to win the world series every year is being an spoiled bad fan.

      We won't be the bronx bunters but definetely we need to change tha HR or nothing offense, Hopefully we'll fix some things, forget about it and not make it bigger.

  3. Beans says:

    Well I still love my Yankees and I would never boo them. They had a good season esp considering all the injuries and the heart breaking loss of Mo. Keep your head up guys and on to next year 😉

  4. Dave says:

    What a whiney baby. To blame the FANS for a loss on the field is pathetic. Oh, poor little privileged Yankees can't take it when the fans stop worshipping them like idols. This is why people love to watch them lose.

  5. Keith Parris says:

    It may well be true that the level of booing was excessive, but then the expectations set by the organization and its players is something that the Yankees fans have grown to expect and are accustomed to.
    Had there seemed like more of a sense of urgency on their collective part than the "deer in the headlights" look or the virtual blank stares they would probably have received more encouragement.
    But you don't mail in an entire series and a half and not expect some kind of backlash. Come on, it's the Bronx and above all NYC, we expect more and pay for the privilege of rooting for "our" team.

    And let's not forget the catalyst of that whipping was aiding by some very poor decision-making with regard to former Yankee players who took great pleasure in blowing their former organization up and rightfully so.
    The Yankees need to get younger now and stop trying to put bandages on arterial bleeding. Younger means younger on the mound and in the field. Sooner rather then later, seriously this running after players past their prime while division rival get younger and more hungry year in and year out….get with the program "CASH"man and wannabe baby Boss Steinbrenner!!!!

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