Bring on the Orioles

The Orioles beat the Rangers 5-1 tonight which means the Yankees will head into Baltimore for the ALDS which will start on Sunday night.

I predict that the Yankees will win the series in five games, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the O’s somehow pulled it out. Despite the fact that they may be the worst team in the playoffs this year, they seem to find a way to win games. They may also have the best bullpen in the playoffs which has always been a bigger factor than during the regular season.

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The expected Game 1 starters are CC Sabathia and Jason Hammel. Despite knee and back injuries, Hammel had a very good year with a 3.43 ERA, 8.6 K/9 and 3.2 BB/9 in 20 starts. He had a 3.94 ERA against the Yankees in three starts against them this year.

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One Response to Bring on the Orioles

  1. Matt_DC says:

    Buck is waving a magic wand right now. The Orioles are insanely comfortable playing in close games. I think this series will be decided by the bullpens. Sigh. O's in five.

    On another note, why is MLB going back to the lower team is home first? I always felt that gave the advantage to the underdog. The Yankees are comfortable playing in Baltimore, but I think for the A's and Nationals going on the road first significantly hurts their chances.

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