Cashman and Girardi expected to be back along with coaching staff

It doesn’t appear as if the Yankees will not be making any┬áchanges┬áto their general manager, manager or the coaching staff even after a disappointing exit in the ALCS.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that both Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi will be back next season and in a separate Tweet Cashman told Heyman that the coaching staff is safe as well.

That doesn’t come as a big surprise as the organization has never let on that they were displeased with either Cashman or Girardi. Many fans have called for the head of hitting coach Kevin Long after the dismal offensive showing in the ALCS, but his job appears to be safe as well.

The one coach I’m not excited to see return is third base coach Robby Thompson after he made quite a few questionable calls to either send or not send runners at third. However, George King and Dan Martin of the NY Post reported that Thompson may be an option to replace John Farrel, who was just hired to manage the Red Sox, as the Blue Jays next manager.

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4 Responses to Cashman and Girardi expected to be back along with coaching staff

  1. Olie says:

    How can say say you don"t mind seeing Robby Thompson not return as 3rd base coach but you don;t seem to have a problem with Kevin Long staying. Did u not watch the playoffs? Pretty hard to lay blame on Thompson when none of Longs hitters saw 3rd base!

  2. Those two better not waste this second chance. They better come up with a way to lead the Yankees all the way to the World Series.

  3. I don't think this counts as a second chance. It was more like confirmation to the media that they will indeed be back this year. They were never in danger of getting fired.

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