Derek Lowe will look for a job as a starter

The only reason the Yankees went out and got Derek Lowe this season was because he was available on the scrapheap and a few other relievers were not working out. But they picked him up and he was more or less a solid pitcher for them.

In just 23.2 innings, Lowe pitched to a 3.04 ERA and in that small sample size had the best K/BB ratio he’s had since 2008. Was it enough for the Yankees to give him a shot in the rotation? No, but there is a small chance they might want him back in a relief role again next year. However, Lowe said he’s going to look for a starting gig before he considers signing as a reliever, which is what he would have to do to stick around in Pinstripes.

“I would like to start again,” Lowe told George King of the NY Post. “I knew when I came here I was going to be a reliever. My first priority is to start.”

Not that it really matters. Brian Cashman likes to stockpile relievers, but it’s hard to see him having interest in Lowe for a full season unless he’s willing to sign a minor league deal and prove himself again next spring. Signing Lowe would certainly be low priority even then. If he’s still available in February then there is a possibility he comes back.

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