Farewell Nick Swisher

I’ve always liked Nick Swisher. I’ve had nothing against him. Forget about the postseason struggles, any person with such a positive attitude that can play baseball at a high level is great for any team let alone the Yankees. It’s coming to the point we’ve all seen – his impending free agency. Why I write this now you might ask? Because the Yankees are were just eliminated in embarrassing fashion. But that’s beside the point.  Game 4 was probably the last game we’ll see Nick Swisher in Pinstripes.

He’s a free agent this offseason and any hope of him staying for a marginally lower deal than what he could get on the market was shot down when Yankee fans insulted him and said horrible things about his stunning wife, Joanna Garcia Swisher. Amazing. Yankee fans really know how to treat players and their wives in the stands. Remember Cliff Lee’s wife? Yankee fans loved spitting on and cursing at her. Class acts sometimes. Anyway, Swisher voiced his pain with how fans were treating him and rightfully so. He’s had fantastic years while here, and while he had his struggles in the postseason, his time hitting .268/.367/.483 with 105 home runs in four years. Well that’s pretty damn good if you ask me. He played a solid right field and was a tremendous presence on the 2009 World Series team.

Swisher has always struggled in the postseason but more than made up for it during the season. It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t pull through finally. It would have been nice to see him get a deal like Jayson Werth however it’s going to be less likely after his recent struggles. A guy who plays hard and put in his dues, deserves to get something in return, I just wish I could be with the Yankees.

It seemed that Swisher really fit in with the Yankees and was very comfortable. To see him finish a Yankee would have been ideal since he brought an energy that was missing for some time with this team. But not all good things can last. Maybe it’s best for Nick Swisher to move on. Probably, since it seems fans are turning on players left and right.

It’s just a shame to part ways with a guy as loveable as Swisher. Maybe I have a special liking for players – because the former player in me knows how tough it is to succeed in baseball – let alone at the Major League level.  Maybe because the spoiled nature of a lot of Yankee fans is getting sickening and I like players who become the “bad guys” in all of it. Either way, I’ll always remember the salute, the energy, and the pie. I wish he just got a better rap from the rest of the Yankee fan base.

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  1. Warren says:

    Keep Nick And fire the batting coach apparently he does not know what he's doing anymore

    • Michael says:

      Kevin Long is not the problem. Firing a guy who has to coach and advise hitters with nine different batting styles is nothing more than ignoring the problem. I've always felt that the hitting coach is one of the most overestimated jobs in baseball. Try advising a guy like Vlad or Youk and see how successful you are.

  2. @undefined says:

    Nice job Curtis. Guy's got to go…good teammate or not. Tired of seeing him fail when we need him the most.

  3. klaus says:

    Sorry to see Swish go, but I'm glad you have nothing against a guy you've always liked. Too many schizo writers around already.

  4. MarileeMolly says:

    Nick Swisher is the bomb !! As a long time fan I am also sickened by the way a few " Bad Apples " behave Swisher will rise to the top wherever he is next season He deserves better Shame on you traitors !

  5. nphyankees says:

    Great article. For a guy who brought talent, fun and a love for the game deserved much better. Baseball is a game of streaks, and just didn't happen to get hot at playoff time. No one really does playoffs ore domininated by great pitching, your seeing the top 3 pitchers from baseballs best teams in every seris. This is just an example of the angry society we live in today.

    • David K. says:

      I'm hearing a lot of this from fans and from the media: that this total inability to hit in the playoffs was somehow just a bad streak/bad luck/running into good pitching. Bull Shit. Although some of the hitless phenoms are attributable to good pitching, the basic problem is LACK OF FUNDAMENTAL/PROFESSIONAL HITTING. I mean this team, for a few years, has stopped taking the right approach. A lot of the problem guys on this team (Granderson, Swisher, Teixeira, Andruw Jones, etc) do not make the adjustments during different counts and different game situations. You cannot take a home run swing at a 0-2 pitch with the bases loaded. Gotta go into defensive mode/hit the other way, etc. You have to do whatever it takes to get the run in. Everyone knows this, except for some of the culprits on this team. But if you watch the at-bats, these guys do not cut down. They take the same crazy swing on every pitch, no matter the situation.

      • Drew S. says:

        When you are a shareholder, i.e. season ticket holder you have every right to comment to players on the field, as long as it is clean and not family-related. Case in point, game 2 against the Tigers, right from his beloved section 203 in thebleachers, one of his "girlfriends yelled out, "I love you Swisher". He turned and smiled to her inbetween pitches (didn't throw her a baseball with his digits). Someone else, in the stands promptly yelled out the sentiment of thousands of fans there, "Love doesn't get you rings here". Needless to say he didn't turn around. Bottom line – in NY – you have to produce in the playoffs.

  6. Maa14 says:

    What is ironic is the guys the fans loved are the ones who performed in the postseason. When Swisher and the like are whining about the fans it tells me they will never be able to perform when it matters it NY. All he had to do was hit .220 with a couple RBI's the fans would have supported him. In NY you can hit 212 in the regular season, if you perform in October they will love you, ask Brosius. To many Mr Mays.

  7. John says:

    tremendous presence in 2009 world series team? common he did nothing. anyways yes he did have good regular seasons. but is he really worth jayson werth money? No … Not even Jayson Werth is worth that kind of money. Anyways the yankees need more speed and swisher doesnt provide that. also the yankees need hitters who dont try to jack every pitch into the right field seats. Plus swisher is too much of a streaky hitter. they need someone who is more consistent. Its amazing how swisher can go like 10-20 and then go 0 for 20. Anyways i have nothing against him and i have to agree that talking about his family was out of line. The booing i totally understand .. I think as a fan who spends $300 for a ticket and are not getting our moneys worth have the right to show our displeasure with the product of play we are seeing. Swisher also needs to remember this isnt the first year that he has had a bad postseason. this is a recurring thing. Fans didnt boo him the previous postseasons but enough is enough. Anyways good luck on your next club.

  8. gino says:

    I suppose it could have been worse for him and his spouse….. could've been in Phila and have fans vomit on 'im…

  9. walter says:

    is there a way for Yankee fans who appreciate what Nick has done to contact him — and express that. Would really be a shame if he leaves town thinking the haters (many of them probably not even Yankee fans) are anything close to a majority.

  10. Olie says:

    Swisher is a guy with talent that doesn't preform in the Playoffs. The fact that he is a" Hotdog" makes it worse this time of year. It is hard to imagine the Yanks giving him big money to stay but someone will.

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      Gotta say, Curtis, that the Cliff Lee thing is on Cliff Lee. He was worried about "rude" fans in NYC so he took his act to Philly? Really? He's going to be the Dan Marino of pitchers, one of the best, Hall of Famer perhaps, but ultimately ring-less.

      I agree, I like Swish overall, but to call out the fans is every bit as classless as the booing itself. This isn't little league. He signed a contract to play in NYC with eyes wide open.

  11. Tanned Tom says:

    Fans who boo or heckle their own team are idiots. This DOES NOT MAKE THEM PLAY ANY BETTER. These outer bourough morons should move to Philly or Boston, where such behavior passes for wit.
    To think that by paying for a seat you have a right to a result is beyond childish. Do you think you should get your money back of the team loses? You people need to grow up and not get so emotionally invested in a SPECTATOR SPORT.
    As for Swisher, he's gone for sure. All he's been is a top 25% OF. That kind of production will be hard to replace. I'd rather see them keep Swisher and trade Granderson, but that's unlikely to happen. so good bye to the happiest, hardest playing Yankee this side of Mariano Rivera.

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      I don't disagree with keeping Swish, but why Granderson? He is a liability on both sides of the ball. I'd be ok with his below average BA provided he keeps hitting 30+ home runs per season, even his finishing second in strikeouts as long as he could play defense. His UZR is -18. That's awful. He stinks and needs to move on.

  12. Derek says:

    Poorly written article. "Swisher has always struggled in the postseason but more than made up for it during the season."…… You just made a backwards comment. You forget about a players regular season struggles if he performs well in the clutch, not the other way around. Swisher needs to go. So glad we don't have to have another strikeout machine on our team. Too many times I have seen that guy smiling when he's 0-3 with a K in a postseason game. Wipe that smile off your face Swisher! Goodbye and thanks for never showing up in the postseason

  13. chuck says:

    what a poor way of handling the situation of the slump, they had the team quit on them in no small part by how they handled problem. they made a rod the total bad guy and then then dumped on him. When most of team goes into the tank it usually points toward management, coaches and shows lack of confidence.

  14. Terry says:

    The main reason Swisher has to go is that not hitting in the post-season is now permanently in his head. Just ask A-Rod. The annual mandate is a world championship, so why over-pay for someone who hurts your chances? Having A-Rod is bad enough, but two or more albatrosses in the line-up drags you down (have you already forgotten the ALCS against Detroit?).

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