Girardi: baseball needs instant replay

The Yankees are down 0-2 in the ALCS against Detroit, but it is easy to wonder where they might be if two bad calls had gone their way.

The first call happened Saturday when the Yankees had the bases loaded with two outs and Robinson Cano at the plate. Cano hit one up the middle that bounced off Doug Fister to Jhonny Peralta at short. Peralta made a bare handed throw and the umpire incorrectly called him out. That directly cost the Yankees one run and maybe more as Mark Teixeira, the next batter, also got a hit.

The second call happened Sunday when the Tigers had two outs and a runner on first. Austin Jackson singled to right and Nick Swisher got the ball into second base in time to get Omar Infante by a few feet after he rounded second base too far. It wasn’t even close, but the umpire called Infante safe and instead of the inning ending, the Tigers scored two more runs.

That’s three runs in a series that to this point has been decided by just five runs. That’s huge, but at least we have the human element in the sport (while we ignore the technology that could easily be used to get the call right).

After his team went down 0-2, Joe Girardi called out Major League Baseball for not having more and better replay.

“In this day and age, there is too much at stake, and the technology is available,” Girardi told Ian Browne of “That’s what our country has done. We have evolved technology to make things better. Yeah, let’s have instant replay. And not just, not just home run, fair, foul. Let’s have instant replay.

“It’s frustrating,” Girardi continued. “I don’t have a problem with Jeff’s effort, I don’t, because he hustled to get to the play. But in this day and age when we have instant replay available to us, it’s got to change. These guys are under tremendous amounts of pressure.

“It is a tough call for him, because the tag is underneath and it’s hard for him to see. And it takes more time to argue and get upset than you get the call right. Too much is at stake. We play 235 days to get to this point, and two calls go against us. We lose it by one run last night.”

Not a lot to say. Girardi is right. Even though this time it was against the Yankees it eventually happens to everybody. These guys work really hard, get paid a lot of money, and just because baseball wants to ignore technology that is readily available games are decided on the mistakes by people who aren’t actual baseball players.

I’m not talking about just fair or foul or trapped balls either. Baseball has committed to including those plays in replay next year, but that’s not enough. There is no reason that we at home can tell 5-10 seconds after a play whether the umpire got it right or not and they can’t too. MLB needs to institute instant replay across the board and immediately.

I commend Girardi for calling out the MLB.

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  1. Richard Madarang says:

    I agree with Girardi and not just because I am a Yankees fan but because I am a sports fan. Every sport even tennis has instituted instant replay and those two horrible calls may have just costed the series for the Yankees who have played through a lot of adversity this year to get where they are. If the commissioner is listening the fans are speaking up.

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