Jones blames lack of production on injured finger

For a guy who was signed to hit left handed pitching, Andruw Jones didn’t do much of that for the Yankees this year. In 194 plate appearances against lefties, he hit just .202/.294/.411. His numbers got worse as the season went on, he barely played down the stretch, and was ultimately left off the playoff roster.

It turns out he might have suffered a finger injury.

“I did it diving for a ball against Toronto at home,’’ Jones told George King of the NY Post. “Hands and fingers are tough.’’

The Post didn’t say exactly which game he supposedly injured his finger, but he did take a nasty fall in the outfield on August 29th. Then he hit just .133/.308/.233 over his final 18 games.

The reason I question the date is because he was struggling at the plate even before that.  If he actually hurt his hand on July 18, when he was hitting a healthy .241/.318/.533 over 154 plate appearances, it would make much more sense. From that series on he hit just .135/.261/.229 after that; a clear turning point in his season.

Either way, the Yankees should have a much better idea as to the extent and timing of the injury. He was hitting decently at one point and he’s only 35, if they think that the injury really caused his second half decline I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring him back.

Jones also told The Post that he is looking to play another four more seasons. Even if the Yankees do bring him back next year, it’s hard to imagine him playing four more years in Pinstripes.

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    Please don't resign him

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    Puhleeze! No one cares why you suck, you just suck, now get out!

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