Mariano Rivera having second thoughts about 2013 return

Shortly after Mariano Rivera landed himself on the DL with a torn ACL, he vowed to pitch again. Unfortunately for us Yankee fans, the latest report from Andrew Marchand of isn’t as optimistic.

According to Marchand’s sources, Rivera is having second thoughts about a 2013 return after sitting on the sidelines all season.

The report doesn’t exactly say why the potential change of heart, but Rivera is about to turn 43 and has always expressed a desire to go out while still on top of his game. After a major surgery and a year off there is certainly no guarantee that the 2013 version of Rivera will be as good as the 2011 one.

I think I can speak for almost every Yankee fan in saying that it will be heart breaking if he retires now. I always thought that the last pitch Rivera would throw would be in October. It just seems more fitting than our last memory being of him collapsed on the outfield warning track while shagging flies during batting practice. I suppose Rivera always said that he wanted to play one game in the outfield before he retired so it would be sort of appropriate though.

Still, how can we not have at least one more year of one of the greatest pitchers that any of us have ever seen?

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3 Responses to Mariano Rivera having second thoughts about 2013 return

  1. Ruth says:

    It will be sad to not have him return but he has to do what he thinks is right for himself.

  2. map2history says:

    I love Mariano Rivera. Been my favorite Yankee for years. But even if he doesn't retire, the Yankees need to move on and develop a closer that will be with the team for a few years.

  3. Olie says:

    ESPN is looking for a story. The only way he is not coming back is if his body will not allow it. Heart of a Champion!

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