Rumor: A-Rod won’t block any trades

For a long time Yankees fans have just assumed that Alex Rodriguez is untradable. He is not only at the tail end of his career, but he is still owed $114 million plus over five years and to top if off he has a full no trade clause.

As it turns out that last part may not be a problem after all. Bob Nightengale of the USA Today reported that A-Rod has been telling close friends that he will not veto a trade out of the Bronx.

Now, a deal will still be difficult to pull off. A-Rod, while still somewhat productive, is no where near the player he once was and $114 million is still a ton of money to move, but this does clear a major hurdle. Perhaps the Yankees will get aggressive in trying to move him now that they know he won’t block a deal.

They certainly don’t seem to trust him anymore having turned him into the highest paid platoon player in history. He wasn’t in the lineup in Game 5 against the Orioles, he wasn’t in the lineup in Game 3 against Detroit, he wasn’t in the lineup before the rain out on Wednesday and he isn’t in the lineup for the makeup game today. The reason — he can’t hit righties anymore. And that’s a major problem because at least 60 percent of the pitchers in baseball are right handed.

So as the 2012 Yankees ship continues to steer it’s way down the straights of no offense, we may have seen A-Rod’s last game as a Yankee, an unceremonious 1-for-4 performance in a game they lost 3-0.

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  1. EP1 says:

    Good. He's been dead weight for while now. Let him sit in the stands and mack on some hotties until a pinch hit situation? Might do him good, you never know.

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