The A-Rod to Miami trade rumor bonanza

Former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann started the rumor mill this afternoon when he reported that the Yankees and the Marlins had discussions involving a trade for Alex Rodriguez.

I didn’t immediately report on that rumor because it sounded a little too good to be true, it came from Keith Olbermann who is not exactly known for breaking recent baseball news, trade rumors don’t usually break during the playoffs, and Brian Cashman quickly denied that it was even true in the first place.

Well it turns out there may have been a bit of truth to it after all — the Yankees and Marlins did briefly discuss the possibility of shipping A-Rod to Miami.

Wallace Matthews and Andrew Marchand of reported that Yankees president Randy Levine and Marlins owner did indeed discuss the possibility. It started as a “joke between old friends” but it certainly could be something that is revisited again this offseason with a source saying that Miami may be the only team A-Rod, who has a full no-trade clause, would accept a trade to.

A-Rod is still owed $114 million over the next five years plus $4 million remaining in the unpaid portion of his signing bonus and potentially as much as $30 million more in historic bonus clauses for the amount of home runs he hits. An obvious stumbling block for any trade would be how much of that the Yankees would pick up. It isn’t completely crazy to think that Miami, looking for an attraction for their stadium, might be willing to pick up a decent chunk of that potentially $148 million.

It’s hard to imagine. A guy as proud as A-Rod, with that much money coming to him and a full no trade clause could actually be traded, but crazier things have happened. Like how he even got a 10-year, $275 million contract in the first place.

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9 Responses to The A-Rod to Miami trade rumor bonanza

  1. Fred says:

    The Marlins might be the only team in baseball dumb enough to do this. If there's even a tiny bit of chance the Yankees need to jump at it

    • jack says:

      Please, A-Rod 's the best player the Yankees have. he is jst being used as a scapegoat to save money for Hal and Hank. Why is there no demand to sit Cano with his 1 for 30 post season ?

      • EP1 says:

        Robinson had a fantastic season. ARod had an injury riddled year, has been terrible in the post season AND he is even rumored to have tried and get a phone number from the stands?
        Cano cannot, and will not, be benched.

      • Fred says:

        I don't know if Arod would make a top 5 of best players the Yankees have right now. Certainly Sabathia would be above him at any rate

        As for Cano, there isn't a replacement on the playoff roster for 2B. Surely even 1 for 30 Cano is more promising that having Jason Nix at 2B and Nunez at SS.

    • Jimmy Weiner says:

      Agree Fred– the most ridiculous contract in sporting history… Makes Wayne Rooney's look League 2

  2. brad says:

    IF this story is actually based on something, I think someone in the Yankees organization screwed up miserably. Don't discuss trading players on this team, in a way that could leak out, when we are still playing in the ALCS. Wait until we have played this out to the end having won or lost the final game of the year. Just disgraceful, if true.

  3. George Stevens says:

    Ha- when you're down 0-3, and playing like a limp noodle, any distraction is a good distraction…

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