The offseason officially starts today

With the Giants win over the Tigers last night, the 2012/13 postseason has officially begun. Yankees fans are going to expect big things this offseason, however their team finished with the best record in the American League and probably needs a few tweaks rather than a major overhaul.

The one area where they really need to focus on is to replace Nick Swisher, who is likely going to be leaving via free agency. The decision as to bring Russell Martin back or not is probably their second biggest issue coming up. The pitching staff doesn’t need any big replacements so long as Andy Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda, and Mariano Rivera come back for the 2013 season. However, that is certainly not guaranteed so keep your fingers crossed.

Upcoming schedule

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Oct. 29: Eligible players are officially free agents. Teams have a five-day window for exclusive negotiating rights to their own players.
Oct. 31: Options need to be picked up or declined.
Nov. 2: Qualifying offers are due.
Nov. 3: Free agents are eligible to negotiate with all 30 teams.
Nov. 9: Last day for players to accept or reject qualifying offers.
Nov. 7-9: GM Meetings.
Nov. 20: Deadline for setting 40-man roster before the Rule 5 Draft.
Nov. 30: Last day for teams to offer eligible players arbitration.
Dec. 3-6: Winter Meetings.
Dec. 6: Rule 5 Draft.

The Yankees have 12 free agents

Eric Chavez
Pedro Feliciano
Freddy Garcia
Raul Ibanez
Andruw Jones
Hiroki Kuroda
Derek Lowe
Russell Martin
Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Ichiro Suzuki
Nick Swisher

Players with options

Robinson Cano ($15M with $2M buyout)
Curtis Granderson ($15M with $2M buyout)
David Aardsma ($500K)
Rafael Soriano (can opt-out of final year worth $14M, $1.5M buyout).

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One Response to The offseason officially starts today

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Free agents:
    Keep – Kuroda, Lowe, Martin, Pettitte, Rivera, Suzuki
    See ya – Swisher (after making a qualifying offer), Chavez, Feliciano, Jones, Garcia, Ibanez

    Cano – yes, but then trade. He wants a 10 year deal? Get the f out of here. No more idiot deals for players over 30.
    Granderson – yes, but then trade. Hated the trade that brought him here, his defense sucks and yet he is still tradeable.
    Aardsma – yes. Bullpen depth will be an issue.
    Soriano – make qualifying offer, but that's it. No closer not named Rivera is worth $15 mil per year. See ya.

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