The Yankees didn’t see Melky as a negative influence on Cano

In his Sunday column, Joel Sherman of the New York Post discussed potential landing spots for Melky Cabrera and while he called the Phillies and Mets better fits he did mention the Yankees as an unlikely possibility.

Sherman explained that the Yankees might need to replace Andruw Jones and could offer Melky a contract. He added that the Yankees never saw Melky as a bad influence on his friend Robinson Cano like others thought. But, Sherman noted, Melky may bypass the Yankees and take a deal with another team who could offer him more playing time to rebuild his value following his PED suspension.

The Yankees might not have seen Melky as a negative influence on Cano, but that doesn’t mean they were the biggest fan of his attitude while he was in Pinstripes. Even before his PED suspension, Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long said that Melky wasn’t totally committed and make himself tradable.

Melky, still just 28-years-old, earned $6 million (before his suspension) on a one year contract with the Giants this season. The executives Sherman talked to surmised that he could earn anywhere from $2 to $10 million in a deal next year — a far cry from the estimated $75 million he could have earned before his suspension.

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6 Responses to The Yankees didn’t see Melky as a negative influence on Cano

  1. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    Good post, If he comes around 5-6M/1Y or 9-10M/2Y. It's a risk but definitely sounds good, for that price I'm ok with something similar to his last year here in 2009.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    No way! Hated Cabrera. And I'm sorry but I clearly remember reading a number of articles that wrote of the club's concern with Cabrera's b.s. attitude about conditioning rubbing off on Cano. It's one of the reasons they let Abreu go as well. Not saying this is right, but all three are Venezuleans and some felt Cano would look to them as role models. And both Abreu and Cabrera were known for not being in top shape, and with Melky for not having his head in the game.
    Remember, before he started juicing Cabrera was a .270 hitter with no power. That is just not worth signing, shoot Dickerson could probably do that.

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