Yankees blame stubhub for lack of sell outs

For the first time I can remember, and probably ever, the Yankees haven’t sold out a playoff game this season. There are probably quite a few reasons for this, among them likely include a better home experience, expensive cost of both tickets and concessions at the stadium, or perhaps fans just jaded from years of constant trips to the playoffs.

The Yankees seem to think it’s Stubhub’s fault though.

“The reality is there are thousands of tickets on the secondary market, so why would anyone buy our few remaining tickets,” a Yankees front office official told Ken Belson of the NY Times, noting that more than 17,000 tickets were available for resale to Sunday’s game. “We don’t control our own box office anymore.”

Sorry but that line of thinking doesn’t work for me. Like I said, there are plenty of reasons fans are staying away from the stadium not one. Besides, if fans really wanted to attend Yankees playoff games, like they used to, they would absolutely no problem paying discounted prices to go and would quickly buy up all of the tickets on the secondary market and have no other choice but to head to the box office.

It seems that the Yankees problem here is simply supply and demand. There is less demand from fans for playoff tickets so the secondary market is making up for it by dropping its prices. If the Yankees want to get fans to go back to their box office, they need to lower their prices to meet the decreased demands — not to blame Stubhub.

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  1. Mr s. says:

    The reason I did not go is. Price..price..price. The tickets prices are crazy

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