Yankees drop Game 2 to fall to a 1-1 ALDS tie

When Andy Pettitte came out of retirement everybody had games like this on their mind and he didn’t disappoint as he held the Orioles to just three runs over seven innings, but the Yankees offense failed to show up as they lost 3-2 to tie the series at a game apiece.

Just like yesterday, the Yankees scored first as Robinson Cano picked up a RBI-double to give the Yankees a lead. And then just like yesterday the O’s scored a pair in the bottom of the third to make it 2-1. The Orioles would then add another run in the sixth and the Yankees couldn’t catch up.

The first run was a bit of a highlight moment for the Yankees. Ichiro Suzuki was on first for the Cano double. He shouldn’t have been sent home, but was an he managed to score a run despite the throw beating him by a good amount by running around the catcher at home plate and then avoiding him for a second time when he went back to touch the plate. Not sure how that isn’t some kind of base-line situation, but it counted. Too bad the Yankees didn’t win this game because that had historic highlight reel potential.

Despite that piece of ingenuity, it was a real fail for the Yankees lineup. They certainly had their chances. They had a runner in scoring position in the third, the bases loaded and one out in the fourth, and two runners in scoring position stranded in the seventh.

Alex Rodriguez went 1-for-5 tonight, but his one hit certainly wasn’t a scorcher. It seems like at this point he’s hurting the team being in the No. 3 spot. He can still be productive, but that might be too important of a spot for him right now. At the very least, he should be moved behind Mark Teixeira and Cano in the order.

Losing Game 2 of a five game series is tough, but because of the 2-3 wild-card format, the Yankees now get the luxury of heading back to Yankee Stadium where they need to win two of three games.

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5 Responses to Yankees drop Game 2 to fall to a 1-1 ALDS tie

  1. Olie says:

    It may be time for Girardi to move A Rod down the order.Batting him 3rd and wishing he turns into the hitter he used to be isn't working!

  2. Matt_DC says:

    Alex can no longer hit a plus right-handed fastball. He looks totally over matched. I move Ichiro to leadoff then follow with Jeter and Cano, and then I guess Tex. For all the Yankees power no one can really protect Cano.

    Swish has looked good at times, but October Swisher was back after that intentional walk to Robbie last night. Buck will continue to go after A-Rod and Swisher late in the game if they are protecting Cano. That said I am not sure Tex or Granderson would fare any better.

    • Olie says:

      Tex is the only true clean-up hitter they have and he is off to a good. No team will pitch around Cano if Tex is swinging a hot bat. And I agree with you 100% about hitting Ichiro and Jeter 1,2.

  3. Fred says:


  4. Joe says:

    Can't believe Joe did not pinch run for Tex after his lead off single in the 8th. Isn't that why Gardner is on the roster??? Reynolds played behind Tex and would have had to hold Gardner. Could have change the whole inning and poosibly the outcome of the game

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