Yankees expected to make qualifying offer to Swisher, nothing else

It seemed unlikely that the Yankees would re-sign Nick Swisher when rumors that he was looking for a Jayson Werth type deal, but after his fourth consecutive bad postseason it seems all but certain.

The Yankees are, however, expected to make Swisher a qualifying offer of at least $13.5 million in order to get a draft pick when he signs elsewhere, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

It seems very unlikely that Swisher will get the same seven years and $126 million that Werth landed, but my guess is that he’ll make more than the three years and $35-$45 million that both Heyman and Buster Olney have predicted. I can see him easily finding a deal in the $60-$80 million range with a slim chance that he gets even more. In any case, it seems almost certain that he wouldn’t agree to a one-year deal with the Yankees.

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4 Responses to Yankees expected to make qualifying offer to Swisher, nothing else

  1. Olie says:

    Why not bring Hector Lopez back ?

  2. FC Richmond #4 says:

    I hope swisher stays he's the reason I wake up ever morning jk I have school but he's awesome ….swisher hear me out please stay with the Yankees

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    One of the few guys with a personality on a bland team. A top 25 OF. Sad to see him go.

  4. RogerG says:

    Offer him 10 years at 6 million per. Keeps us under the cap, and he can collect the last 5 years on a beach or a broadcast booth somewhere.