Yankees lose in 13 as Orioles force Game 5

The Yankees got unbelievable pitching performances from Phil Hughes and the bullpen over 13 innings, but lost 2-1 at Yankee Stadium last night as the offense failed to show up.

Hughes gave up just one run, on a Nate McLouth home run, in 6.2 innings. The bullpen took over and eventually gave up a run in the 13th inning on a J.J. Hardy RBI-double.

The one run that the Yankees did get was on a Robinson Cano RBI-ground out in the sixth inning. Despite playing 13 innings, the Yankees only got multi-hit games from two players, Derek Jeter and Jayson Nix.

The turning point in the game may have taken place in the top of the 12th inning when Joba Chamberlain, who was cruising along until that point, was hit on the elbow with a broken bat and had to leave the game. David Phelps came on in relief, he didn’t allow a run that inning, but it is certainly possible that if the Yankees wait another inning to call on him that he could have made it through the 13th unscaved. Of course, that is impossible to say.

The series will now resume with a decisive Game 5 on Friday night. CC Sabathia, who was lights out in the opening game of the series, will face Jason Hammel. The winner will head to the ALCS to face the Detroit Tigers.

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3 Responses to Yankees lose in 13 as Orioles force Game 5

  1. stoogazzo says:

    Remember last year's back page of the New York Post. It featured three photos of A-Rod, Teixiera and Bozo the Clown Swisher, pertaining to their clutch performances in the first round playoffs. The caption read, "The Three Stooges." This year the post can add the photos of Granderson and Cano. How would you feel paying the huge salaries these overpaid bums command?

  2. George Sr says:

    What a pathetic performance from a lineup that should be scoring at least 4-5 runs a game, no matter who's pitching. This is the 2nd year in a row that the pitching has out performed the so called bronx bombers. Girardi is part to blame for sticking with guys like Arod, Granderson, and Swisher who continue to look like little leaguers in the post season…. Well, now your in a do or die game 5 and you need to make changes or you will be going home early. Bench Arod for Chavez, put Gardner in at CF, and bench Swisher for Ibanez. Last night, Giradi takes out Nix who had 2 hits and hit the ball hard every at bat, what a fool!!! If he decides to stick with the same poopy line up, then I'm sorry to say the Yanks will lose and the team should be dis-mantled. You can't keep putting the same product out there and expect different results, now do what's best for the team Joe!

  3. Putnay Thomas says:

    If A-Rod hit the ball into the outfield instead of striking out, there would be no game 5. I say bring on Eric Chavez.

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