Yankees plan for Nunez is at shortstop

The Yankees had a plan for Eduardo Nunez going into this season was to use him all over the field so that he could get into the lineup as much as possible. However, after he failed horribly at every position defensively, the Yankees plan for him going forward is to use him solely as a shortstop even if it means he’ll be sitting behind Derek Jeter most of the time.

“I look at Nunez and his value as a shortstop,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Ian O’Connor on his ESPN Radio show. “I don’t look at Nunez being valuable in an everyday role other than shortstop, and we have a shortstop. In terms of everyday status for Nuney, I don’t see one as long as Derek Jeter is sitting there. … All the calls of putting him in left field, I don’t understand.”

The reason Cashman doesn’t like Nunez in the outfield is because of his lack of power. He mentioned that his power ceiling isn’t even as high as 15 homers a year. Despite the fact that he had two outfielders this past year that both fit that description, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki, it’s still not an option for Nunez. I suppose the difference between him and the other two is that the other two provide exceptional defense.

So Nunez will ride the bench for the next two seasons while Jeter finishes out his contract. He’ll play occasionally when Jeet DH’s or gets a full day off. Other than that it’s hard to see Nunez playing too often. He’s just so bad defensively that they don’t trust him at third and second anymore.

A trade is certainly possible. Right now Nunez might be their best major league trade chip. He’s still very cheap, athletic, fast, and makes good contact at the plate. It wouldn’t be too hard to find a team willing to take a chance on him as their shortstop. He wouldn’t land a huge piece on his own obviously, but he certainly could be part of a larger package and if he’s filling such a small role than maybe it is the Yankees best option.

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5 Responses to Yankees plan for Nunez is at shortstop

  1. Olie says:

    If The Yanks see Nunez as there shortstop of the future why not put him there now. He is a bit weak on defense but Jeter is not much better at shortstop anymore.(he got hurt fielding a ground ball!) If you wait 2 years for Jeter to quit Nunez will be no better than he is now. Cashman has to start looking ahead.

  2. EP1 says:

    PLEASE don't trade him Cash.

    He's got a live bat and I would guess he's one of the 1-3 fastest players from first to third in baseball.

    Can he not take a thousand grounders/day in the off season and improve his fielding? If not, why not? Don't mean to sound harsh but I can see this kid being a great heir to Jeter but they must, must, teach him how to field.

  3. Geoff says:

    Ollie, that is a very silly comment that Jeter isn't much better. If you are saying that you would rather see Nunez out there before Jeter then you need to have your head examined.

  4. Jeter really isn't much better. He obviously has the more accurate arm, but Jeter's range is about a 1/10th of Nunez's. So while Nunez might throw more balls away, he's getting to a lot more than Jeet ever would. I think defensively they are a wash.

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Put Nunez at short and Jeter at 3B, make A-Rod full time DH or trade him. I love Jeter, and he's great on balls he can get to, but his range is no longer even average – and at 39, coming off ankle surgery…

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