Yankees sending Curtis Granderson to an eye specialist

It’s hard to explain Curtis Granderson‘s huge drop off from the 2011 season to the 2012 season, but the Yankees have an idea of what it might be.

Granderson will see an eye specialist as some within the Yankees organization believes that he could be having trouble with his eyes, according to Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden of the NY Daily News.

The Yankees actually had Granderson see an eye specialist back in 2010 and he wore contact for a while as a result, but The News was unsure if he has continued to wear them since then. The Yankees do give their players eye tests during spring training, but there is a thought that they might have gotten worse over the course of the season.

This seems a bit like grasping at straws to me, but there is certainly no harm in trying it out. Granderson has always been a free swinger going back to his first full season in the big leagues when he lead the American League with 174 strikeouts. His 195 strikeouts this season were a career high, but his 75 walks was his second highest season total of his career. His OPS of .811 was also very close to his career mark of .834 which suggests that his 2011 season was anĀ aberration.

Hopefully if there is something to this that getting it corrected will help his fielding as well.

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One Response to Yankees sending Curtis Granderson to an eye specialist

  1. David K. says:

    He does swing at every pitch like he thinks it is a fastball, pretty much like he cannot see the rotation on the breaking pitches. But it's probably nothing to do with his eyes, I think his approach is what produces a lot of power with a ton of strikeouts. Not ideal for the playoffs. Whatever they find, I'd still like to see us pick up the option on his contract and then turn around and trade him for pitching. Get a FA outfielder. Hopefully Cashman listens to the scouting reports this time and gets someone who is a versatile player offensively and is much more consistent defensively.

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