Yankees top prospect Manny Banuelos to have elbow surgery

Brian Cashman had some bad news to share this morning as he told Josh Norris of the Trentonian that the Yankees top prospect Manny Banuelos will have Tommy John Surgery to repair his injured elbow.

Banuelos has been on the DL just about the entire season as he has attempted to rehab his injured elbow. He seemed to be progressing and it was anticipated that he would pitch this offseason to makeup for lost time, but instead he’ll be out for the next year with surgery.

“If we knew he’d needed TJ a year ago, he’d have had it done a year ago,” Cashman told Norris.

This is a big blow for Banuelos.┬áHe’s still just 21 so missing one season wasn’t a big deal, but missing two full seasons is a huge. On top of that, he still has not thrown a full season without injury in the minors, his career high was 129.2 in 2011, so it’s not like he’s going straight to the Bronx once he’s healthy. A realistic ETA on his arrival in the Bronx late 2014 at best, but more likely 2015.

This doesn’t mean give up on him as a prospect though. Even if he doesn’t show his face in the Bronx until 2015, he’ll still be just 24-years-old. Pitchers come back from Tommy John Surgery all the time and throw and compete just as well as they did before the surgery. He still has good stuff and a full arsenal of pitches. The chances he’ll reach his ceiling are still good it just might take a while.

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3 Responses to Yankees top prospect Manny Banuelos to have elbow surgery

  1. Joe Schwartzberg says:

    Is there a connect between Billy Connors dismissal and the Banuelos injury?

  2. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I agree that his prospects are still something to look forward to but it's unfortunate that 2014 won't be in the picture as he could have been a very low cost roster spot for them in that financially critical year.

  3. Fred says:

    The "Killer Bs" certainly have had their share of problems

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